Here's The Cheapest Copies Of ARMS In Australia

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This week might have been chockers with announcements of new games, but there were some new games as well. And the biggest off them all launched at the end of the week: ARMS, Nintendo's new JoyCon-powered punch-a-thon. If you're interested in getting some colourful biff on, here's the cheapest copies of the game in Australia.

Target: $64

Cheapest price right now, although it's not a substantial discount from the RRP.

Big W: $65

Second cheapest price by all of a dollar is Big Dubb. If you can't find a Target, head here, although JB's price is reasonable as well.

JB Hi-Fi: $69

This is the "I can't find a Target or Big W" option.

Dungeon Crawl: $73.51

Dungeon Crawl usually land on the higher side of prices, but this isn't too bad.

The Gamesmen: $79.95

If you're going to buy ARMS digitally and The Gamesmen are nearby, know that the price between the two is identical.

Mighty Ape: $75

Not amazing, but not the worst either.

EB Games: $79.95

Ozgameshop: $65.99

Decent, but you have to factor in the lengthy shipping wait.

Play-Asia: $75.96

Nintendo eShop: $79.95

As mentioned before, this is how much it'll cost you if you want the game minus the cartridge.

Don't mind the Japanese version? You can grab ARMS for just under $76 from Play-Asia, sans shipping. The US version is available for a few dollars more, but why not just buy local at that point?

So that's a round-up of where you can get ARMS on the cheap in Australia. Are you buying Nintendo's latest beat-em-up?


    I'll probably be getting ARMS for the Nintendo Switch in the next week or so I mean just imagine if I had extendable arms I'd be fighting with my father on the ring saying Sprang a leg! or something like that I don't know but if you're listening to me Kosuke Yabuki I'll be getting ARMS for the Nintendo Switch in the next week or so because it will be just like the real Super Smash Bros.

    I came to the conclusion today that I am going all digital for the Switch.

    Pray for me.

      I love the convenience of digital, but it's often more expensive; and the games have zero resale/trade-in value.

        Also you will need to buy a large SD card for your Switch. Also, no nice box to put up on your shelf.

          I've got a 128GB card already. I'll miss boxes, and will probably still get some limited editions, but I'm running out of shelf space too.

        It is more expensive, but I live in a rural area with no game stores and slooooow postage.

        ... and I can count the number of games I've traded in on one hand, I think.

        It's how I've gone with my PS4, I think I'll be okay.

          Makes sense given your circumstances. I don't ever trade games in (EBs gives next to nothing) but I generally sell my old consoles and games to fund the next generation upgrade.

            Hehe, I'm a hoarder. (well, collector is a better term because it's really only games stuff).

            But it just sits around taking up space. But I'd regret selling it, I'm sure.

              For me, the thrill of a new purchase gets me going. The regret of selling comes later :).

              What I wouldn't give to have my Dreamcast back!

            I traded in my Wii U and games because I hadn't played it since getting my Switch. I got $740, enough for my son to get a Switch.

              I got $450 for my WiiU and games, and managed to score a used twice (according to the system) Switch with Zelda for $300 on Gumtree. Grabbed Mario Kart and Snipperclips, and a travel case; and still had change left over. Weirdly, my kids had no interest in Mario Kart on WiiU, but play it on the Switch daily.

    I bought it from EB Games (price matched Target), and planning to spend the next week determining whether it's worth keeping. Based on first impressions, the game is probably better played in multiplayer, as the singleplayer 'grand prix' mode was a bit meh.

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