Here's The Latest Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

Square Enix has dropped the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III onto YouTube, after premiering it at the "Kingdom Hearts Orchestra" concert in Los Angeles.

"Don't assume your dreams are just fantasy," the trailer begins. Hey, if this wasn't just fantasy, maybe it would have a release date at the end? It doesn't, of course, but it does end with a teaser for the next update: Square Enix will show off a "new world" and a "new trailer" on July 15.


    Where's the switch support God damn it

      Ha you're dreaming Xbone owners are lucky that they're getting it considering the remasters were only on sony consoles, no chance it's gonna appear on the switch no chance at all

    Is this the dream life? Or is this just fantasy?

      Caught in a landslide, deep inside spoiler territory

        Look up to the sky, await loading times and see

          I'm just a poor boy, I need a good PC

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