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It's not officially part of E3, but with all the major Star Wars titles, a new Need for Speed and the ongoing Battlefield and FIFA franchises, EA's pre-E3 conference is worth watching nonetheless.

Update: And the main show has come to a conclusion! We've updated our trailer round-up and posted the big stories including BioWare's new IP Anthem and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Here's how EA plans to kick the weekend off. Sunday morning Australian time, EA will open the doors to their EA Play event. It's basically a media/public hands-on event, with hundreds of stations featuring eight separate games EA is showing off this year.

An hour beforehand - at 0300 AWST / 0430 ACST / 0500 AEST / 0700 NZST - EA will livestream a press conference which, for all intents and purposes, will be just like every other E3 conference. There will be a chunk of time in the middle dedicated to EA Sports stuff, probably one or two surprise indie games, Origin will get mentioned at some point, and then a whole lot of Star Wars stuff.

The stream won't go live until probably an hour or half an hour before the conference starts. When it does, however, you can tune in via the Twitch stream below:

There's also a YouTube stream, if that works better:

If you're interested in the rest of the conferences, you can view those below in our handy infographic.

All The Australian Times For Every E3 Conference

It's almost E3 time, and you know what that means. getting up real early and getting real wired on coffee. But it's hard to do that without knowing when the conferences are on. Fortunately, we've got you sorted.

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    Missed the opportunity to call it PrE3.

    * 0300 AWST to be fixed.. Man I really hope whomever gets that Allure Media job is a West Aussie, cause there is a near constant stream of WA-related errors on LIfehacker and Kotaku and (less so) Gizmodo that someone with a simple once-over check and the occasional Googling could actually notice...

      Silly West Australians. They think they're people. :P

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