Historic Japanese Starbucks Doesn't Even Look Like A Starbucks

[Image: Starbucks via Fashion Press]

One of the best-preserved streets in Kyoto is Ninen-zaka. A Starbucks just opened in the area, but you could walk by and not even know it.

It looks like the only way you'd know it was a Starbucks is by the noren, or the curtain hanging out front, with the chain's logo.

[Image: Starbucks via Fashion Press]

Opening on June 30, the Starbucks is located in a Edo Period (1603 to 1868) building that dates from the mid-1700s. Via Fashion Press, let's have a look inside:

[Image: Starbucks via Fashion Press]

Certain parts of Kyoto have strict regulations so as not to disturb the visual landscape. For example, vending machines are sometimes brown instead of starker colours like white or red.

[Image: Starbucks via Fashion Press]

What a nice counter.

[Image: Starbucks via Fashion Press]

The second floor has some traditional Japanese cushions for sitting and enjoying coffee.

Japan -- and Asia, in general -- is home to several Starbucks that don't look like Starbucks.

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