Horizon Zero Dawn's First DLC Is The Frozen Wilds, Coming This Year

The Frozen Wilds will be Horizon Zero Dawn's first DLC, Sony announced today at E3. It launches this year.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn left players off at a cliffhanger, so hopefully, the DLC will answer a few lingering questions. Here's the trailer:


    I traded it after 100%... I keep doing that recently and missing out on DLC that seem to take way too long to come out! But i did finish it in a couple of weeks! great game!

    This looks like a great follow up. HZD is the first game in years I played to the full 100% finish and I still want more.

    I finally got around to finishing the story in this over the weekend. 40hrs played and I can't stop. Going to go platinum and I can't wait for this DLC to arrive

    Was that a bearbot because I hope it was a bear bot.

    Day one buy

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