How To Take Down A Thunderjaw In Horizon: Zero Dawn

If you've played Horizon: Zero Dawn you'll remember that moment. You're heading to Meridian for the first time, you look right. Holy shit. What the hell is that thing?

That thing is a 'Thunderjaw'. A robot T-Rex essentially. You can't imagine taking one down until you somehow do.

But you've never taken one down like this.

Jesus H. Christ...

This is the work of Australian Game Developer Dan Clayton, who is currently working on Blockpocalypse at Dime Studios in Melbourne.

"It's hard to unwind playing games when you're a developer," he told us. "Always feel like you're still working. But I've been loving Horizon."

Dan's been trying to land the most amount of damage with one single shot — you'll notice he hits the Thunderjaw for 3500 damage, which is just insane. He's heard of some people doing a little better. Really it's the work of mod and after mod after mod on his weapons.

Dan initially tested this strategy on a Stormbird, but lost the footage. This suck because I'd really love to see a Stormbird go down like this.

But please enjoy this Thunderjaw being ripped apart with sticky grenades. It's hypnotic.

You can check out Dan's game in early access here.


    I took my first thunderjaw down using the starting bow and flame arrows, i needed the crystal braiding i think it was to craft an item. Took quite awhile of kiting the thing around a little rock formation and just pounding him with arrows for him to die only to have him not even drop the item i needed. Wasted so many flame arrows.

    LOL, try placing 15 explosive trip wires in one spot and then luring down a Stormbird to rope so it lands on top of them. I very nearly died to my own handiwork!

    Using max crafted frost arrows then lobbing explosives was too easy in the end, take them down in seconds that way.

    Holy crap that was easy. My strategy is find a rocky outcrop you can circle and use for cover, then hit with repeated shock and fire arrows, plus dislodged disc launcher. He made it look like he invented the game and knew the exact perfect strategy -_-

    I usually just shoot off their own rocket pods, pick them up and unleash fury on them using their own weapons... I thought that was a given way of taking them out! This seems like a significant waste of ammunition.

      Same. Hardest part for me is finding the damn disc launchers once they've fallen off. But I was taking them down at around lvl 12 just by shooting their launchers off and using those on em. Do it right, you should get one off before it even knows your there, and be lining up to knock the second off.

      Kite it away from that area, sprint in to get a launcher and use it up, then use the 2nd one. If its not dead by then, its pretty close.

      Teleport to a campsite a few screens away, then back, and its even respawned for you to rinse and repeat.

    my first meeting with a thunderjaw was in a cauldron. Next to no cover, a swarm of other beasts and that bloody thing.

    I legit yelled at the thing mid fight. Was great.

      That was a tough fight, to be sure.

        Such a tough fight! My hands feel so cramped from it

          I feel like I cheated on that one because I just set up so many traps and trip wires before triggering it...

            Like me, you probably hit it at a stage before you were comfortable just roping up a Thunderjaw, tearing off the chest cover and hitting its heart for massive damage :-)

            By the late stages of the game, I was really only using traps for groups of Stalkers or some of the story missions. The ropecaster or corruption arrows are usually enough to take care of most jobs involving machines.

              Same though. I still can't believe how many people have never discovered just how amazing the ropecaster is!

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