I Can't Handle Overwatch Voice Actors Doing Their Dance Emotes

Holy crap. I can't deal with this. This video killed me. I am dead now.

Over the last year, it's been awesome to see the voice actors behind our favourite Overwatch characters hang out and have a good time with one another. They all genuinely seem like best buds. But this footage above by sweeetanj, AKA Anjali Bhimani of Symmetra fame? It's on a whole other level.

You have almost everyone here, from Winston to Orisa, which is a treat. Even when they're not dancing very well, it's a hoot. East Coast beats West Coast's arse for sure. Of course Lucio can do the splits. And that black and white Widowmaker footage is obligatory. Amazing.


    this just seriously made me smile. Not sure which one the most Sombra, Mercy, D.VA, nope most definitely Mei.

    I love how so much of what makes OW amazing is outside of the game.

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