Iron Maiden's Eddie Is Getting His Own Comic This Winter

GWAR has done it. Slayer has done it. KISS went off the goddamn chain to do theirs. And now, Iron Maiden is joining in on the metal band comic trend — or, more specifically, its longtime mascot Eddie is.

Image: Heavy Metal Magazine.

Being published appropriately by Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is actually based on the Iron Maiden mobile roleplaying game of the same name, which is frankly a sentence I never expected to have to type in a professional manner.

The five-part series, written by Llexi Leon and Ian Edginton with art from Kevin J. West, will be first published in the pages of Heavy Metal #287, and follows Eddie as his soul is torn apart, necessitating a quest across time and space so he can battle the legion of the Beast itself and claim the fragments of his soul back. Judging by the cover, it seems like we're basically going to get a whole bunch of different Eddies appearing on top of Eddie-Prime, which sounds suitably ridiculous for this entire endeavour.

Legacy of the Beast is set to begin this July.



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