It's Strange That Mother 2 Isn't On The Super Famicom Classic 

[Image: Nintendo]

Japan is getting slightly different titles included with the Super Famicom Classic, such as Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and Konami's The Legend of the Mystical Ninja. There is one glaring omission.

It is not getting Mother 2, which is included on the SNES Classic as Earthbound.

Mother 2 was originally released in Japan in August 1994 and localised as Earthbound the following year for North America. The Mother games have a cult following in Japan, where Mother 2 previously got a Virtual Console release. It seems like an obvious inclusion for the Super Famicom Classic. People noticed that the game isn't included!

Japanese site IT Media asked Nintendo why Mother 2 was not included with the Super Famicom Classic. A Nintendo spokesperson said the lineup was created to suit each country, adding, "We cannot comment on individual titles."

Nintendo added that in selecting the games, it attempted to strike a balance between four factors: Popularity, familiarity, gameplay volume, and appeal to a wide user base.


    They should have put Mr Balls on it instead.

    I would have swapped EarthBound for Chrono Trigger, personally. I only tried playing that game once and I think I stopped around the point near the beginning when my other party member was apologising to an enemy whenever I hit him. The battle system is also archaic even compared to SNES standards.

      I'd say that it's less archaic and more esoteric. The whole game is deliberately a bit odd like that.

        Well, what I meant by archaic is that there are no battle animations whatsoever, all you see are static images of the enemies and menus, with a weird animated background. It looks incredibly cheap and dated.

    I am starting to wonder if Kotaku has been taken over by News Limited

    An article full of twitter quotes from a bunch of nobodies...

    The one I find more perplexing is the switch of SFII versions between regions, with Turbo for the west and Super for Japan. Weird.

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