Japanese Trains Get Final Fantasy Music 

Japanese Trains Get Final Fantasy Music 

As part of Final Fantasy‘s 30th anniversary, a Yokohama train station is playing FF music when trains leave.

[GIF: garukurosu]

At Minatomirai Station, a “Victory Fanfare” plays as the “departure melody” (発車メロディ) for trains heading towards Motomachi Park.

(If you’ve forgotten what that tune sounds like, have a listen to eight minutes of Victory Fanfares.)

For trains going towards Yokohama, they get the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius version of the iconic FF Main Theme.

It isn’t uncommon for Tokyo train stations to have jingles. Ebisu Station, for example, has the theme from The Third Man because Ebisu beer ads feature the tune.

Square Enix has also done this before. Last year, the Tokyu Toyoko Line in Shibuya Station had Dragon Quest music for a limited time.

Likewise, Final Fantasy music will only be playing for a limited time at Minatomirai Station, ending on July 7.

But really, this is Japan, and FF music should be sending off trains forever.