JB Hi-Fi Are Taking Nintendo Mini SNES Orders Now

Image: Nintendo

The Mini SNES was only available from EB Games this morning when Nintendo announced their new system to the world. But good news - they're not the only retailer, which is handy considering the console won't be available after 2017.

JB Hi-Fi is now taking orders on the Mini SNES as well, and much like EB they're limiting shipments to one per customer. They're also a little more explicit than Nintendo was in their release this morning, noting in bold that "an AC adapter for the USB cable is required to play the system but is not included in the packaging".

Image: JB Hi-Fi

So all up, you'll have to spend $138 plus $6.95 for delivery. But if the EB Games site crashes, or they run out of stock, it's good to have an alternative. Here's the direct link for the USB AC adapter as well.


    Question: can we not use the adaptor from our iphone charger for this? Rather than spending 20 beans?
    Minor thing I know, but curious.

    Last edited 27/06/17 2:01 pm

      Yes, you most likely can. The Mini NES was the same. We actually used the USB port in out TV and that was enough to power it. Most modern TV's have them.

      yes you can, I use iphone connection for my nes mini.

    Do we REALLY need the AC adaptor though, or can the system be powered by the TV's USB slot like the Classic NES?

      For some reason my original comment is waiting moderation...
      But I also query this, pretty sure we used our phone charger for the Mini NES.

    Already put my order in. Actually ordered an AC adapter from EB as (at time of writing) they are still not showing on the Web site for me.

      Just saw the link at the end of the article. Thanks.

      For some reason when I tried searching on their site, the thing wouldn't show.

        Had the same problem myself; ended up doing two orders to EB this morning because I didn't want to frantically dig around in case EB's site wound the clock back to the Mini NES days.

          Shows up now: under Nintendo AC.

          Can't explain just moments ago but I think when I tried in the morning, it must not have been in the database yet because I did try "Nintendo AC" and it only returned adaptors for the Switch.

          Eitherway, at least my orders are in. Just need to have plenty of pop corn ready come release day.

    JBHIFI have approximately 4000 left. Get on it ASAP

    At 7.20am it is no longer available at Jb Hifi's site....

    .....sold out at Eb aswell ......fml?

    annnnnnnnndddddd it's gone... EB sold out too

    don't know where your heard about EB selling out as i just ordered without any issue.

      Eb and Jb sold put this Morning but are back up.

      They probably have multiple target levels.
      Maybe container loads?

      Then confirm they can get another container etc.

    They said not available this morning as they did not start selling them. I thought they were sold out but i checked again now and was able to pre-order one.

      JB HiFi online still taking pre-orders with Delivery only as @ Thurs 29th June 11:30am (SA Time).

      Yes, I confirm I just Ordered with full Payment & received an Order Confirmation.

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