JB Hi-Fi's Latest Displays Are Arm-ful To Your Health

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What happens when you mix the classic Nintendo styling with a game about punching people? Obviously, a lot of cool stands at JB Hi-Fi.

It's gone under the radar a little bit with everything out of E3, but over the weekend Switch fans were able to enjoy the full release of Nintendo's cute third-person brawler Arms. And that means JB Hi-Fi staffers around the country have been able to have a little fun with their displays.

First up: JB's Sydney City store.

Not too bad. A bit of fun, and it's the first time I've seen that a store has encouraged people to take photos with a stand. Usually there's too much foot traffic or not enough space to allow for that sort of thing.

This next one comes from the Tuggeranong store in Canberra.

Not quite as much fine detail, but you have to respect the handmade cardboard Switch. A neat effort.

Next is Westfield Garden City in Queensland:

The gloves are a neat touch, since they're not something JB would readily have in-store. I wonder if someone bought those specifically for this? The mask is nice too, although I wish that was placed on the top row where it was more visible.

What other Arms displays have you seen around the country? Let us know below, or send a photo in!

Update: A staffer from JB's Colonnades store in South Australia has sent in shots of their display, and it's not half bad at all:

Image: JB Hi-Fi


    Not quite as much fine detail, but you have to respect the handmade cardboard Switch. A neat effort.Agreed. It could be a bit punchier. On the whole though, these signs are a knockout way to promote the game.

      Agreed. The guys at JB are not afraid to Tyson thing new.

        Was that a swing and a miss, I'm not sure that one kinect'ted!? dammit wrong system.

    The one at Homebush DFO's pretty good. They built a Master Mummy

    I was floored when I saw these photos! I had to give them a second duck, Jb Hifi are undisputed champions at sign making.

    Saw a full size billboard advertising the Switch and Arms on the Centenary in Brisbane this morning. First Nintendo billboard I've seen probably since the Wii days. Nice one Kimishima.

      There's one around Daisy Hill/Springwood area heading southbound too :)

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