Killing Jason Is Possible In The Friday The 13th Game, But It Isn’t Easy

Killing Jason Is Possible In The Friday The 13th Game, But It Isn’t Easy

Killing Jason in Friday the 13th is a complicated process that’s easy to mess up. Watching people attempt it is thrilling, even when they fail.

Since it’s possible for counsellors to escape on their own, and because running into Jason can often lead to getting impaled on a tree branch, you might be tempted to go it alone in Friday the 13th. That’s certainly what people did when I played the game. But if you do decide to work together, you might have a chance to kill Jason Vorhees.

Developer IllFonic has been coy about whether or not killing Jason is possible. The official Friday the 13th website says, “Nothing is ever certain and no one is ever safe!” regarding combat encounters with Vorhees, and the Twitter account replied to questions about killing Jason with, “Is it ever truly possible to kill Jason?” This read as a challenge to excited fans. If they wanted to know how, they had to figure it out on their own.

Of course, players figured out how to kill Jason before the game was even released. On May 25, just a day before release, a couple of YouTubers including Fairlight Excalibur released videos on how to kill Jason.

The steps, which draw inspiration from multiple films in the series, require the cooperation of at least one other person, though more is definitely better. First, you have to get Jason’s mother’s sweater, which is in the shack he spawns in. Jason will be alerted once you get there, and given that he can teleport anywhere on the map, you should probably make it snappy. Next, you need a female counsellor to equip the sweater; a male counsellor can wear the sweater, but it won’t do what you need it to.

After you have the sweater, one counsellor needs to die in order to come back as Tommy Jarvis. Jarvis needs to ditch his gun, grab a machete, and hit Jason until his mask falls off. Then, whichever female counsellor has the sweater equipped needs use it as they would any other item, which will stun Jason. Then Tommy has to kill Jason with the machete; another counsellor hitting Jason with this weapon won’t deliver a killing blow.

A day after testing that with a friend playing as Jason, Fairlight Excalibur was able to pull it off in a public match:

The specifics of the method — requiring certain counsellors or weapons — means there are plenty of opportunities for the plan to go wrong, especially if Jason is wise to their machinations. I enjoyed this video of a Jason injuring and killing his friends’ Tommy, effectively ruining their plot. After that, it’s a matter of stalking and killing the remaining players, two of whom manage to call the cops and escape, miraculously:

In this one the gang gets close — they call Tommy and get Jason’s mask off — but Jason had managed to kill the counsellor with the sweater while Tommy was making his way to the other players. As a bonus, Tommy accidentally shoots a member of his own team:

It’s really cool how quickly players figured it out — and even cooler watching more and more players pull it off. Given how many people are streaming Friday the 13th, we’ll definitely be seeing more players kill Jason, or die trying.


  • They do need to put more options in there, possibly one to two ways to kill *each* Jason based on his movie origins?

    Maybe get him near a woodchipper, lassoo his head with a wire cable and feed the cable into the chipper ala the remake, snapping his neck, then behead him for that extra step after knocking his mask off.

    Or like part 6, get him near a boat, hit him with the propellor, then use a chain on him connected to a rock to drown him? Team effort!

    What about even blowing him up like in Jason Goes to Hell? Could work? Then infect someone with the ‘Jason Worm’? 😉

    I hope they add stuff like this in future. I’m really enjoying the game a lot, I hope it grows from here.

    • *adjusts tie*

      Ahem, please.

      Without getting ‘too’ caught up in the sacred lore of Mr Voorhees and family, apparently that’d only work if all the characters in-game were related to him.

      Surely the actual Crystal Lake is larger than what I’m seeing/hearing. It should be a much bigger deal, like you say, it features in the last act of almost all of the movies.

      • *AHEM* Readjusts his own tie.

        That’s only a stupid bullshit thing put in place by Platinum dunes. The ‘related’ aspect was never present prior to the remake.

        Tommy Jarvis drowned him.
        Tommy Jarvis carved him in the head with a machette.
        Psychic girl drowned him with her fathers reanimated corpse.
        Part 3, Jason is simply smashed in the head with an axe, leading to the damaged mask and messed up head in part IV.
        Part 2, Jason is killed simply by slamming a machette into his shoulder of all things!!!

        Part 8 required Jasons relative to ‘give birth’ to him via the worm, but the worm could inhabit anyones body and possess them.

        Jason X had Jason blown into a planets atmosphere, onto ‘Earth 2’ as we see Camp Counsellors at ‘New Crystal Lake’ look up and see Jasons falling body, aka a falling star, apparently land in a lake.

        So yeh, it’s just that awful, awful remake where they introduced the ‘Only a relative can kill him!’ garbage. Incidentally that remake is being completely ignored for the new sequel coming out eventually.

        And yeah, Crystal Lakes size is hilarious, in some its a tiny watering hole size lake, in some a gigantic lake and in part 8? A CRUISE SHIP resides in it that sails to New York! LOL!

          • Hey if we look for sense or continuiity in a Friday the 13th movie we’re gonna be here all night, so ‘apparently’ is pretty much as solid as it’s gonna get lol

          • There’s definitely plenty of room for expansions/DLC there. Maybe this is Earth 2, and they’ll add cyborg Jason X.

            It’d also be rad if they added a new game mode where all the counsellors had to protect Tina Shepard, who grew in power the longer she survived just like Jason.

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