Kogan Gets Into Mobile Broadband, Starts From 8GB/$29.90 A Month

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If you're looking for a new mobile broadband plan and don't mind piggybacking onto the Vodafone network, Kogan has just reopened their offerings - and the prices aren't too bad.

It's been a couple of years since Kogan offered mobile plans, after they failed to agree to terms with Telstra a couple of years ago. They've since been picked up by Vodafone, however, and they've rejoined the Australian mobile market doing more or less what you'd expect: offering a hell of a lot for reasonable prices.

Kogan has two offerings, one with 8GB of data a month and another with 30GB. Both can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis:

The move comes ahead of Kogan's intentions to start offering NBN fixed-line plans from next year. Neither of the offerings above have lock-in contracts. The terms and conditions do note that "Vodafone reserves the right to limit speeds to 12mbps" and that your connection will be frozen if you go above the data cap instead of being shaped. You'll need to have your own compatible 4G wireless broadband modem, too.

If you're interested in the plans and want the monthly option or the opportunity to prepay for a year, you can check out the details here. More competition in the mobile data market can only be a good thing (especially for those who need to work on the train a lot, like yours truly, or those who just need to get a month of data to tide them over until a fixed-line service can be installed.


    Hmmm... Vodafone's network coverage is still pretty shit though, isn't it?

      Been with them on mobile phone pre paid for about 2 months and haven't had one issues. Mind you, most of my life is spent no more than 30 mins drive from the city

      I coulntd resist the sale at the moment. 12 months of unlimited calls and messages. Plus 5gb of data per month for 12 months. $206 total...... pretty amazing

      Vodafone employee here, while in more regional areas our coverage definatly needs improvement for most metro areas our coverage is very good. We do also have a 30 day network guarentee, so if you connect on the vodafone network and you are unhappy with the coverage you can cancel within the first 30 days and will not have to pay anything.( Unless you incurr excess charges IDD, prem text etc).
      You can also check the coverage maps online as well to see what the expected coverage is.
      We do also have the best roaming options for a lot of countries with $5 a day roaming in 50 countries and currently free roaming in New Zealand .

      Last edited 22/06/17 6:26 pm

      Vodafone is not the greatest but it's quite cheap sometimes
      Coverage while on trains is rubbish though.

    Gotta love partner content.

      No, no, it's marked as "Australian Stories" so it mustn't be an advertorial, just Kogantaku making sure we get the best deals around!

    I just signed up to vaya for 6 months (not great voda reception here so I use optus). unl calls/txt and 10gb/month works out at just over $23/month.

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