Kogan’s Selling A 65″ 4K TV For $799

Kogan’s Selling A 65″ 4K TV For $799

Earlier today I asked people: have you upgraded to 4K yet? The most common reason against upgrading was down to the cost, which I can completely understand.

However, if you are looking to upgrade your TV and cost is a concern, Kogan has a TV that’s … well, it’s really bloody cheap.

It’s only available to customers in metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne areas, so apologies to readers in other states, territories and remote areas. But if you are eligible – and you can check by entering in your postcode at checkout – then you can have a 65″ 4K LED TV, built using a Samsung panel, excluding delivery for $799.

There’s no HDR support, sadly, and the 9W speakers aren’t likely to blow your socks off. It’s not a curved screen either, although I know for many that’s a positive (especially in a living room setting).

Here’s the full list of specs:

Connectivity: HDMI 2.0, 1 x USB 2.0


Packaged: 1610 x 170 x 1045mm
Packaged Weight: 31.45kg
VESA Wall Mount: Pattern 400 x 400
Weight: 21.9kg
Without Stand: 1460 x 73 x 840mm
With Stand: 1460 x 310 x 895mm


Brightness: 290cd/m²
Computer Supported Resolutions: 640×480 @ 60Hz, 800×600 @ 60Hz, 1024×768 @ 60Hz, 1360X768 @ 60Hz
Panel: Samsung
Pixel/Dot Pitch: 0.372 x 0.372
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Response Time: 8ms
Size: 65″
Static Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
Viewable Angle: 178° x 178°

More info is available on Kogan’s website. The listing mentions that it’s an end of financial year sale, but doesn’t say how long the deal will be available for.


  • Computer Supported Resolutions: 640×480 @ 60Hz, 800×600 @ 60Hz, 1024×768 @ 60Hz, 1360X768 @ 60Hz

    How do I get my 4k content onto it if it doesn’t even support 1080p from a PC?

    • Those are the resolutions via the VGA connector, you can get 4K from your PC via the HDMI connectors.

    • There’s a VGA (D-sub) input and 4x HDMI: I imagine the “computer supported resolutions” are what you can get through the VGA port. An older TV I had from ALDI way, way back had a very similar thing.

  • Tempting, but my other main reason is I don’t have the space. If they make a sub-$800 40″ 4k TV, now that I’d consider splurging on…

    *Looks on Kogan website* Wait, there’s a 43″ 4K TV for $389 that might fit… *searches for reviews* Yea… I’ll wait for retailers to get something in my price range… my nearly 10yo Bravia is good enough for the time being.

    • I’m with you there. Sometimes JB have an LG one for under a grand. Which has good reviews from what I can tell. But i’d happily pay around $1500 for a 40-43 inch 4K TV with OLED.

      • Honestly, I’m still happy with most 1080p content. I don’t have the bandwidth to stream 4K, and I’m not going to go and rebuy all of my BDs in 4K, so if I could get a 55″ FHD TV with HDR/OLED etc, that’d be amazing.

        • Same. Even if I (hypothetically) bought a 4K TV, the only thing I use my TV for is my PS4, which can’t output 4K anything, so I’d need to upgrade to a PS4 Pro (another $500 investment)… which doesn’t have a 4K BD player (and my internet would in no way handle 4K Netflix), so if I ever wanted to actually use it for movies, I’d have to invest another $350 in a 4K BD player. All in all, about as much again as I’d be prepared to pay for the TV itself, just to get any benefit out of buying it. If I had $1700 to throw at something I don’t really need, it’d more likely be a Vive or a new PC.

        • I just want an OLED TV, but that seems to be only available with 4K, but at least with 4K panels 1080P up scales nicely on it.

      • Mr three…….Good TVs the Bravias.

        Though it has been relegated to the second room now. Bought a Hisense 65M7000 4K HDR TV for under $2000 recently.

        Sure you can get better TVs, but I don’t think you can get a better value TV at the moment.

        • Yeah, by rights, it’s still working fine. I bought it around 2009 and got a free phat PS3 with it.

          I wouldn’t mind something a little slimmer/lighter, but really I don’t handle it often enough for that to matter much. I will admit, when we moved earlier this year, I (briefly) contemplated “dropping” it as an excuse to go buy a new shiny toy 😀

        • I’m on my second Hisense now, neither was 4k though but I’ve had the original for about 8 years now and it’s still going strong in my study and my lounge Hisense is about 4 years old now and have had zero issues or complaints with either. Great value imo

        • Just recently upgraded from a 49″ FHD Bravia to the 55M7000 4K Hisense TV and I am loving it. Did you install the European firmware on the TV by any chance?

      • Mine died. But Sony fixed it free of charge even though it was just outside of the warranty period, and it’s been going strong ever since.

        • Man, I got mine around 2009 with a phat PS3, so it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of warranty.

          • Yeah, even with the general rule by the ACCC that a TV should be covered for 5 years, yours is a little bit past that lol.

  • Given that a lot of the stuff I watch on my current 1080p TV doesn’t hit that resolution, I haven’t felt a strong need to upgrade. I probably will at some point, but not just because of a deal on a new TV.

    • Yeah. I’ve got a PS4 Pro but outside of that I’ve got no 4k content so there’s no point. Everything still looks great on my 55″ Full HD Plasma anyway

  • Sometimes these cheap tv’s have poor response times between your controller and it actually happening on your screen, so watch out.

      • its a seperate issue to refresh rate and 60hz is exactly the same as every TV for the last ages

    • I bought a Hisense 4k tv a couple of years ago and the input lag was so bad even in the lowest settings that I had to return it. I wouldnt buy a 4tv nowadays without checking its response times on one of the many websites which documents them.

    • I had mine arrive on Tuesday – Bought about a week or so ago. The input lag was a serious concern, given the price tag. There isn’t any to be seen, thankfully, while I was playing Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 Pro @ 2160p.

      Definitely a good buy,

  • Price is good, but on the other hand it’s Kogan. I probably wouldn’t go there.

    • Yeah, stay far away. Worst customer service if anything goes wrong.

      We tried it and the thing was sent to someone in NZ instead and we got whatever they ordered. Was the biggest pain to sort out, and even their specialist customer service guy was completely useless. Finally got the right thing approved and he said “It should ship out in a fw days”. DUDE!!! You can’t even ring up the wharehouse and say “we fucked up, you need to get this order out today”.

      The other time was my cousin who got a phone and had to do a warranty claim. They received it and nothing happened. He rang up and then they decided to check the claim. Then nothing. He had to ring again to get them to actually fix it. Then again after that. They just sat on every step until he rang up and asked what was happening. I think he had to call 4 times.

  • Can someone properly explain what “Samsung panel” means? If it’s the same tech (implying same picture quality) as a Samsung television, why is it one third the price?

  • I’ve just ordered a great 55″‘ 4K HDR SONY TV from JB HI FI, cost $1300.00
    I was indeed looking at the KOGANS and for me the biggest issue that made me prefer to spend the extra cash was the fact that the KOGAN TV’s do not have an OPTIC port. That’s a massive oversight as alot of people use soundbars.
    I have a SONOS soundbar and it only uses optic cable so you’d think in this age of TV’s, KOGAN would get their s**t together and have that on their units.

    • That Sony is normally like 1800 or closer to 2 grand hey? I really wanted the 43 inch one since it was under a grand, but didn’t have the spare $$ at the time sadly.

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