'League Of Origin': LoL Champs From Australia & NZ Duke It Out This Weekend

Image: HyperX / Riot Games

Turns out if you want to give your esports tournament that ANZ flavour, you can simply whack "of Origin" at the end of whatever name you come up with. And so, this weekend we have "League of Origin", a League of Legends tournament featuring teams from Australia and New Zealand. Oh and it starts today.

The competition begins at 2pm Saturday and will run until Sunday. So the whole weekend, basically.

Three states and an entire country are involved — New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria on the Aussie side and well, New Zealand on the other. But it's not exclusively a cross-Tasman conflict, with all four going at each other for first place.

Saturday will consist of a round robin, with only three teams moving ahead to the final matches on Sunday, where second and third will battle it out for a chance to take on the team in first.

You can catch the whole thing via the official Twitter stream (yes, there's a live video) or League of Legends' Oceania site.

League of Legends: League of Origin [Twitter]


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