LEGO Worlds Rockets Into Space Next Month

Now that the game save-eating bug issues seem to be behind us, it's time for LEGO Worlds to do happier things, such as announcing a Switch version for the spring and a content expansion that explores one of the oldest and most beloved themes in the toy line's history: LEGO Space.

LEGO has been transporting children of all ages into outer space since the late '70s, when the first Classic Space sets were released. Featuring rockets and rovers and little yellow minifigures sporting coloured space suits, sets like the one on display at the LEGO Worlds booth at E3 this week are what made many children, myself included, fall in love with the building bricks in the first place.

Stephen Totilo took this photo. Sadly he did not also take the sets.

So it makes sense that LEGO Worlds' first themed downloadable content pack is Classic Space. Available on July 5 on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, the $US3.99 ($5) pack includes classic vehicles and characters, as well as an entire Classic Space-themed world. Check out the trailer for the expansion below.

LEGO Worlds is also expanding to the Nintendo Switch this spring, with physical versions of the game including Classic Space and one other themed DLC pack. Fingers crossed for Fabuland.


    Holy shit, I'd almost forgot about Fabuland. Loved that as a kid

    I had that exact Lego model space buggy and fuel tanker trailer in the first image as a kid as part of the rocket base set.


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