Look At This Sonic Statue

Image: Youtube (First 4 Figures)

It's Sonic's 25th anniversary, which means all sorts of tributes, re-releases and merchandise. But First 4 Figures has a collectible truly worthy of a Sonic anniversary.

Pre-orders for the special figurine won't go on sale until tomorrow internationally, and you'll have to fork out just under $518 exc. shipping. That's a hefty amount for any collectible, but this one looks pretty damn remarkable. On top of that, Sonic's feet light up:

As annoying as Sonic is, damn he looks cool. There's a huge chat with the creators below, although it's literally just them doing a piece to camera for over an hour while the Sonic statue slowly spins around and occasionally rotates.

If you're interested in having this on a shelf somewhere, you can stay informed through their First 4 Figures Twitter and Twitch channel. They'll open pre-orders one hour after the livestream, which is scheduled to kick off around midnight Wednesday AEST time.


    hahaha are those guys even 25 years old? :P

      Don't start this game man *grabs walking frame*

        *Grabs cane*. Did someone say young'n's actin' the fool again? GET THEM!

    ...you'll have to fork out just under $518 exc. shipping.

    ......... shit.

    reeeeeeee i need this

    ...you'll have to fork out just under $518 exc. shipping.

    Well shit. I guess I don't after all.

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