Looks Like The Hand Of Fate Board Game Did OK

Hand of Fate raised plenty of money on Kickstarter, and last time we checked in with the board game that was doing well on Kickstarter too. The campaign has since come to a close. Have a guess how well you think it did.

After pitching for a meagre $30,000, the Brisbane-based Rule and Make managed to raise just over $490,000 for Hand of Fate: Ordeals. The game was never in any doubt of being funded – it broke its funding goal within the first day – but it’s good to see this much support behind a local product. Over 2100 backers pitched in for the $109 or more funding goal alone, which is a good sign not only for Hand of Fate 2 (which is due out later this year) but also any projects that Rule & Make want to tackle in the future.

Some of the stretch goals achieved include a neat red Demon Trader bag, an expansion, a new game mode where one player can play as the Dealer, card sleeves, a Lich Queen miniature figure, a neoprene playmat and metal token shards.

If you can’t wait until Ordeals hits store shelves or arrives on your doorstep, there’s a way you can play early. It’s been added to Tabletopia, where you can play a digital version of the board game by yourself, hotseat or online with strangers. You’ll need a WebGL compatible browser, however, so prepare to fire up Firefox.

For those that did jump on the Kickstarter campaign, Hand of Fate: Ordeals is scheduled to arrive by November this year. Just in time for some family Christmas shenanigans, then.

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