Metro Exodus Will Be Less 'Open World', More 'Sandbox Survival'

Image: 4A Games

So a new Metro game is on the way from A4 Games and I'm pumped, but there's a bit of confusion as to what sort of game it'll be. First-person, yes. Shooting, scavenging and fighting mutated beasts? Definitely. But the fresh focus on above-ground exploration raises the question — will the game be more open world than the previous instalments? The answer is: sort of.

Speaking with PC Gamer's Samuel Roberts, creative director Andriy Prokhorov and executive producer Jon Bloch revealed a few more details regarding Exodus' combo of below and above ground play.

Of course, it's not like the previous two games took place entirely in dark tunnels, but the pair make it clear that for Exodus, they wanted players to have more "freedom" in general:

We're doing this mix of classic gameplay and this new non-linear style and we wanted to maintain what our fans expect, what they've known, and what they're used to and love, while also introducing something new that is blending of what we've done over the past two games and plus something that the core team at 4A Games has done in the past with the Stalker games.

In regards to it being open world, A4 describes it as "more sandbox survival":

We're not entirely open-world, then, it's more sandbox survival and everything is tied together with an overarching storyline that still carries the player through. They're still feel like they're playing a Metro game.

Bloch goes on to explain the exploration factor will be significant, but will be tied to the "story within those levels" — there will be stuff you have to do to keep things moving, but it will "[support] being able to go where you want and do what you want".

Overall, it doesn't sound like an extreme departure from Metro 2033 or Last Light — the latter certainly had similar elements — but I'm guessing A4 has gone a bit further with the concepts.

Which is fine by me... as long as they give me enough air canisters.

Metro Exodus takes the series above-ground for a year-long journey through post-apocalypse Russia [PC Gamer]


    So it is just like the last two? Really just makes me miss Dark Messiah.

    I love the hell out of this series and will be devastated to not be able to play it unless Nintendo get a downgraded Switch port.

      Haha, lets be honest. Skyrim, a 6yr old game, will likely run at 720p 30fps at best on switch. This would need to be lobotomised and run at 480p to even achieve 30fps. Would be nice but it wont ever happen.

        Yeah I know. Maybe we can get the mobile tie-in.

          Nah, the Switch gets the digitisation of the card game based on the mobile tie-in.

    I'm not really clear on the core differences between open world and 'sandbox survival'. I get the feeling I'll end up feeling this won't be open world enough for me :(
    I'd really like another S(h)talker game though. Minus the game-breaking bugs, of course :)

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