Metro: Exodus Announced, Out Next Year

The latest in the Metro series, called Metro: Exodus, is on its way to Xbox One, with Xbox One X enhancements, Microsoft said today at its E3 conference. The game, which will at the very least let you kill a giant mutant with a crossbow, will be released in 2018.

Microsoft did not exactly announce a PS4 version, but neither did it say that Exodus was exclusive, so draw your own conclusions there.

A press release following the show touted the game's "nonlinear levels" and noted that the plot would take place across "an entire year," with each season represented.


    Game of the show for me thus far, Last Light was great. Surely if it was an exclusive Microsoft would have said so considering their atrocious lack of them.

      Official sources state that it will be released on Pc, Ps4 & Xbox.

    Kotaku, Question? How do you miss the fact that Metro is going open world? "Non linear" a dev said but you don't even lead with that. You guys really need to put down your Horizon Zero Dawns & Zelda's & explore the wider world of gaming, It's not just this but you guys are always grossly miss representing specific titles or not covering them at all.. And when you do it's always in a negative light with a title like "So you want a revolution? Maybe skip this one", If a Fps shooter isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield, Then it has no chance at in depth or fair coverage.

      @alexwalker as far as I can tell, this is a us article and not controlled by the australians

        That's true. And even then, I'd like to point out to @hardtobeagod that there will be more time for extensive previews throughout the week and after E3. Microsoft had over 40 games at their presser, Bethesda had all theirs, and there's only so many hours in the day. There's nothing stopping us from coming back to something, you know?

          Hey i tried to apologize but i may have condemned my comment to moderation hell. Again sorry.

    I apologize, It's not always easy to convey tone in text, I don't always intend my words to carry such venom, It's hard to articulate what i want to say at times due to my Aspergers Disorder, However i was being a jerk. Sorry guys.

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