Microsoft Announces Xbox One X

Microsoft Announces Xbox One X

Microsoft’s next console, codenamed Project Scorpio, will be called Xbox One X, the company said today. It will be out on November 7 worldwide.

The big buzzwords are “True 4K,” and Microsoft is touting Xbox One X’s higher resolution. It will support all previous Xbox One games and accessories, and Microsoft says the X will allow current Xbox One games to look better than they do on standard consoles. Speaking on stage during the company’s E3 presser today, Microsoft rattled off a list of hardware specs, telling fans that it will be the “smallest Xbox ever” despite its power.

“This is the system you asked us to build,” the company said.


  • I know the “presser” is still going, however, how is this any different than the whole PS4/PS4 Pro scenario from last year? The difference being Sony show off everything as a whole and Microsoft waited until this year.

    Microsoft is doing Blue Pill/Red Pill with the Xbox One X (XOX) just like Sony, they should have said the XOX is the next generation console rather than a “bump” to this generation.

    I could be moving to PC fulltime very soon.

  • No optical drive looks like it will be a challenge with Australia’s internet. I guess digital distribution will be the model for Xbox One X games or a return of license keys.

  • Funny how the gizmodo story links this one for more info, yet it has less than the story posting the link

  • I don’t get why you would edit out the “$499 US” price from the original US article. If anything it would make more sense to leave that in and add “with local pricing to be announced”, instead. It’s a more full, informative article that way, and people can use it to infer local pricing in the meantime.

  • I had a HTC One X, it was pretty good.
    What will be the shorthand for this one? XBoneX? Looks like a Live handle for someone whose preferred name was already taken…
    XBX? XOX?

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