New Dragonball Z Fighting Game Coming In 2018

Dragonball Fighter Z, a new DBZ fighting game, is due out in 2018 from Arc Systems and Bandai Namco. It was shown at Microsoft's E3 press conference, but is also coming to PlayStation and PC.

Here's the trailer. Those cel-shaded visuals look incredible.


    Yeeeesss! Bring back the 2D-Scape battles. I like Xenoverse (and the prior gen's Raging Blast) but it just doesn't hold a candle to the simplicity of this style.

    Looks good. I was hoping they'd return to the Budokai style fighting at some point =)

    Don't get me wrong, i thoroughly enjoyed the Tenkaichi series and raging blast was alright but this is where it is at!

    Visually looks perfect but a 2d fighter for DBZ? No thanks

    Honestly, this looks awesome! Dragon Ball graphics have come a long way since the PS2 days. I used to remember feeling a bit disappointed with the weird 'paper-like' hair of characters, boxed/stubby like fingers, and the way that ki was rendered. Graphics aside though, this does look very fun, and I do have a personal preference for the 2D side of things. Just hoping that put a wide assortment of characters.

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