New Monster Hunter Coming To PS4, PC And Xbox One, With Big Changes

Big swords. Large monsters. Carving blades. Even bigger swords than those other swords. It can only be one thing: Japan's mega-popular franchise. It's Monster Hunter World. Coming in early 2018.

The trailer focused on a single character, though this series is known for its four-player co-op.

From Capcom, of course. Guess they're all done with Deep Down.

Though announced during Sony's E3 conference, Capcom says this game is also coming to Xbox One in early 2018 and coming to PC later.

This is game is sounding really different than other Monster Hunters. According to a press release from Capcom, the game will support up to four-player co-op "in a newly designed online drop-in multiplayer system which allows cross-region cooperative play between Japan and the west".

Here’s more from Capcom:

Monster Hunter: World introduces a living, breathing ecosystem in which players take on the role of a hunter that seeks and slays ferocious beasts in heart-pounding battles that unfold across the vast ever-changing terrain.


Retaining the series’ skill based progression and robust crafting system, players gear up to venture on quests to seek and slay monsters, progressively improving their skills to become the ultimate hunter. Loot collected from fallen foes can be used to create new equipment and armor upgrades styled after the monsters they’ve slain, allowing hunters to survive the elements and defeat the tougher opponents that await them.

Monster Hunter: World delivers a seamless gameplay experience allowing players to move freely across map areas that comprise the living ecosystems and dynamically transition from day to night. The landscape and its diverse inhabitants play a critical role in each quest as players strategically use the surrounding environment including terrain, vegetation and wildlife to their advantage in battle or become hindered by the hazards they present. Hunters must use their cunning and abilities to track and maneuver their targets throughout the intense, evolving battles.

With flexible online multiplayer options and an accessible quest structure, players can tackle challenges alone or join up to three other hunters online for cooperative play. For the first time in the Monster Hunter™ series, players from Japan and the west can play together online, providing an expanded base of cooperative hunting companions. With the new online drop-in functionality, solo players can hail for assistance from the worldwide group during quests when their opponents are too daunting to take on single-handedly.


    Monster Hunter isn't my thing, but as soon as I saw this I told my friend that is a huge MH fanatic. The smile he displayed whilst the trailer played said it all. So excited for him. :)

    Not really digging the idea of stealth mechanics, but other than that it is nice to see what might be an actual upgrade to the same old MH game formula.

      Agreed, the best thing to ever happen to Gran Turismo was when they aped Mario Kart. Genius move.

    Interesting to see how this compares to XX on Switch.

      XX will look ordinary compared visually. Switch just doesnt have even half the power to compete. But some are saying "its not a true MH game!" Who cares, this looks bloody good.

        I've never played MH in my life. Out of curiosity, why is this not a true MH game?

          They've dumbed it down and "westernised" it...tried to make it appeal to more casual players. A lot of the Japanese fans are unhappy about it.

          It'll probably depend on how they implement the seamless world and how that will affect tracking, stealth, escape and evasion.

        XX on Switch is a 3DS port.

        And this, visually speaking isn't that impressive. It may look realistic, but the shaders, lighting, and style they've used in this trailer make it extremely generic compared to the distinctive style of past MH. If it weren't for the music and Ratholos, I wouldn't have been able to tell this was a MH game and not some random dinosaur game.

          Interesting. i could tell as soon as we saw the character and his weapon. And I have only played a couple of MH games.

          Yeah, for the first minute or so I couldn't tell if it was a souped-up overly busy Monster Hunter game or if it was a knockoff of Ark or something. Character design screamed Monster Hunter, world etc. definitely did not.

          Might be a good thing though.

    I guess it'll be a question whether it's streamlined or just brute forced casualised, but we'll need more gameplay before we can tell.

    As I said in a previous comment, how they implement the rumoured seamless world and how that will affect tracking, stealth, escape and evasion will be big questions, but if they keep monster behaviors, and most of the combat mechanics and feel then I can live with whatever they trim from the menus/quests/farms.

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