New Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Footage Is All About Action

New Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Footage Is All About Action

Naughty Dog gave us a closer look at Chloe and Nadine’s standalone adventure during today’s PlayStation conference, which gives us another chance to see these ladies kick a lot of arse.

Here’s the latest trailer:

Lost Legacy takes place in India, where our duo must uncover an ancient artefact. (This is an Uncharted game, after all!) Like the main game, Lost Legacy will have plenty of sneaking, puzzles and action set-pieces. Naughty Dog notes this is their “most substantial story expansion to date”.


  • I dunno. I admit, I’ve only finished the first two games (3 was a write off and I stopped playing).

    But that being said, I just could not stand Chloe.

    Besides being an exotic flirt, why was she even there? Like the antagonist in Uncharted 2, I cannot help but she was just there and nobody at naughty dog bothered to write her motivation into the story.

    • Her motivation was money. It was slightly complicated by the fact she was an honourable ‘thief’, but I don’t think the motivation was particularly hidden.

      Personally I like Chloe – I thought she was funny.

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