New XCOM 2 Expansion Coming This August

A new expansion, called War of the Chosen, will come out for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this summer, on Aug. 29.

The War of the Chosen will feature three new enemy commanders that evolve and adapt over the course of your war with them.

In response, you'll be able to deploy several new classes including the stealth-saboteur Reaper and the Skirmisher, soldiers that deserted the alien forces to join the resistance. To acquire these classes, you have to court the different resistance factions who employ them.


    Bit late, isn't it? And frankly, is this just another DLC pack like Alien Hunters (which sucked) and Shen's Last Gift (which was kinda meh), or a full expansion like Enemy Within, because I suspect the former is more likely. Honestly, I found XCOM 2 kind of a letdown, not least because of its ATROCIOUS optimisation and bugginess.

      It's twice the size of Enemy Within apparently. So definitely an expansion pack.

    This came out of nowhere. Hope an engine tune-up comes with it. Performance is still atrocious years later.

    Worth mentioning that Feral has confirmed that the expansion will be coming to macOS and Linux as well.

    More information:

    1) The expansion adds on to/enhances the existing campaign (with new story elements)

    2) The Chosen do not behave like Rulers. They will wait for their turn

    3) All the DLC has been heavily reworked to function with the expansion

    4) Skirmishers have an absurd number of actions per turn. Their hook attack is called Ripjack

    5) There is some sort of other upgrade path for soldiers (didn't understand it fully as my stream buffered at an inopportune moment) possibly based on points acquired on missions. Has something to do with a new facility called the Training something... (Training Center???)

    6) Chosen can teleport out of the battle with disabled X-COM soldiers. There is a rescue mission-type to recover them. They can also interrogate soldiers on the battlefield for information regarding the Commander's whereabouts

    7) The Chosen level up to some extent as time passes during the campaign. He specifically used the term 'level'. Their abilities are procedurally generated every campaign?

    8) Some sort of timed challenges where you log in and have to achieve some objective in a certain amount of time (he game an example of 30 minutes). You only get one try and there will be leaderboards. There will also be some sort of notification comparing your progress to other players; like if your first solider dies, a notification will pop saying something like "75% of players lost their first solider earlier than you did"

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