Nintendo Just Announced A New Metroid Game For The 3DS

Jesus wept Nintendo, relax mate.

It's called Metroid: Samus Returns. It's a remake of Metroid II. It's being worked on by MercurySteam and it looks like this in action:

Yes. Yes...

Absolutely, utterly insane to think that Nintendo didn't drop this news in their presentation. Instead they casually had Reggie Fils-Aime announce it during their annual Treehouse sessions on YouTube.

Big day for Nintendo.


    rip AMR2, my money's still on it having more charm though.

      Yeah, I loved AM2R and it was great tribute. Seemed to really get Metroid, like Shadow Complex and Axiom Verge did.

      Nintendo should have hired the guy.

    This must have been in development for quite some times be on the 3DS rather than the Switch, but this definitely looks like the swan song for the 3DS.

    It looks like it uses a control scheme similar to Shadow Complex, where you use the right stick to aim. This is great as Shadow Complex outshined Nintendo's recent Metroid effort, or lack thereof.

    I still feel the pain of Other M (actually it wasn't that bad).

      Other M wasn't that bad - I would have liked Nintendo to give that approach another go. It just felt unpolished with some of the controls, and ugh - those cut scenes.

      But the feeling when moving around the environments was pretty good.

        The worst thing about Other M is that, when you strip it down to its core, it was a really good take on a 2.5D Metroid game with fun, fast gameplay and generous boss fights (though the 3rd to 1st perspective switch was pretty poorly done)

        And then they took this awesome game and wrapped it up in a terrible, incoherent plot with cardboard cut out characters, bad voice acting and a complete butchering of Samus's character :(

          And the first person treasure hunts. Those were god awful.

      shes pretty stationary while aiming so my guess would be that its hold R and aim with the left analogue, similar to classic controls.

      I enjoyed Other M also but as a stand alone game separated from the universe that the other titles have built on. as Hayley said its a good take on 2.5D game, it just had some dodgy mechanics and a lack luster Story.

        Axiom Verge sort of controls like that from memory.

    Ugh. This looks bad. And Mercury Steam?? WHY NINTENDO?

    Wish it were a gorgeous 2D game on Switch.

    Hopefully with this engine built now we will get some new side scrolling Metroid titles or a remake of Super.

    They didn't mention it during the Spotlight because that was always intended to be Switch-only...

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