Nintendo's E3 Presentation: The Liveblog

Hello friends. Feel like staying up until 2am and watching Nintendo STUFF?

Have I got the post for you.

It's my awesome E3 Nintendo liveblog. We're gonna talk about Mario and drink green tea and it's gonna be a great time. Please join me. I promise I'll wake up.

15.58 Come on! It's gonna be fun. Apparently it's not just Mario. It's other stuff too. Although, if the Mario presentation is as good as the Zelda presentation was last year I'll be good with that.

Zelda man, that game.

Anyway, the hope eternal is a Metroid surprise. But yeah, that's not gonna happen.


1.07 Oh man, I'm awake. I thought I was out but they keep pulling me back in. Are we excited about being awake at at 1am again because of VIDEO GAMES?

I just drank a tall glass of milk. I'm gonna need to get me more than that to get through this. Bring on the caffeine!

1.26 OK, I'm settled it. The kettle is boiled. Nintendo people are subtly telling us to check our expectations for this event, which means time TO GET UNREASONABLY HYPED.

— Where is my Metroid? Where is it. I'm gonna flip tables and do unnecessary damage to my house if it doesn't appear.

— Actually that's all I want. Just give it to me please.


1.51 Okay I want this to happen now.

1.59 Alright come on let's get this thing kicking already. I can only eat so much beef jerky.

2.05 Holy shit this NORTHERN ENGLISH ACCENT is amazing. I can't believe I'm hearing this accent in a JRPG video game in 2017. This is world class.

Well that was Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

2.08 Well that Kirby game was very punchy. Simple logo KIRBY MOTHAFUCKAS.

I'm not sure I'll be too keen on that game. But whatevs.

2.10 Well shit, Pokemon RPG game for Switch. That's a no brainer. Glad it's in development even though we literally didn't get to see a goddamn thing.


2.14 Okay sure, I will play co-op Yoshi game with my son. That's okay.

Sorry still reeling from Metroid Prime announcement.

2.17 Okay this Zelda DLC seems a lot better than I first thought. That battle mode level escalation thing seems super cool. I will play that a lot.

2.20 Still thinking about that logo.

What does it all mean?

2.22 Ah holy shit this is a great idea. Rocket League on Switch with crossplay. Yes, get in. I love that OG Rocket League song.

2.25 Okay what the hell did I just watch. That Mario trailer was really something else. There's a hat, that sort of fucking possesses people. This is some Twin Peaks shit.

Mario straight up fucking possesses people.

Okay, I'm out. Thanks for tuning in!



    I'm of to bed now then.

    I really can't see there being much in the way of new announcements. They're got a decent amount of first party stuff lined up for this year that they can show off. Also Mario + Rabbids which I never thought I'd be interested in.

    Smash or Metroid would be damn welcome though.

    Fire emblem (warriors & mainstream), Xenoblade, (can't believe i'm saying this but) mario + rabbids - i'm content with what the Switch has coming already with the other indies too. All you platform loving people have the main Mario game too!

    Think I'm happy enough already with what Nintendo have in the pipeline that I can wait until a more humane hour to watch for the surprises (maybe im being silly but i am expecting a few) - but good luck to those who stay up either way!

    A Mario Party that plays like proper board game style Mario Party would be perfect for Switch, not like what it's become of late.

    The Switch needs about 50 3rd party titles announced to prove its worth.

    There will be a slew of great Nintendo titles, but we need the big guns to come in with huge franchises to show they mean business.

      I guess to each their own - we all want different things, but i dont need anywhere near that announcing for me to consider it a success/worthwhile investment. I'll happily take quality over quantity, there are enough games across all platforms to fill the void?

      I like the machine as an add-on to my PS4/Xbox & like that the games that come out are completely different - but again, that's my own personal take.

      To then completely contradict myself, one thing i notice I have been doing of late is looking to see if newly announced games have a switch port coming - in an industry that seems fixated on frame rates & graphics i find myself increasingly willing to trade that a little to have the flexibility of playing on the switch.

        I also prefer quality over quantity, but a lack of strong 3rd party support has killed the last three Nintendo systems.

        Whether my argument suits your personal situation, Nintendo needs 3rd party support in order to move units, therefore ensuring more support.

          I should clarify that all I want is foe the Switch to absolutely kill it. Software wise I would love Nintendo to get the best.

          Sales-wise they did a great job on the Wii, but get rid of the shovelware and you don't have a huge amount left over.

          Let's all just look forward to waking up to great things. :D

            Wanting the switch to succeed is something we can 100% agree on - I love the thing, and Nintendo (despite some of the brain achingly bizarre choices they make!).

            Fingers crossed they blow everyone away!

    I'd be bloody ecstatic if they announce a new 3D Metroid. Hell, even just a teaser trailer would be enough since focus will probably be on the new Mario, which I haven't been excited for since Galaxy. Then there's of course Arms and Splatoon. But given how tame this E3 has been, it really wouldn't take much for Nintendo to come out stronger than the other presentations.

    7:30's when the real show starts. World inkling invitational! \o/

    GO BRO!

    What odds on the oft-rumoured SNES-classic getting a reveal?

    Would that excite the masses, or rub salt into the wound of people who missed the NES? Can't help but feel it might deflect attention away from the Switch/Mario if they did it now so may be later in the year... But surely it'll come at some point? Who doesn't like free money? Oh, Nintendo. Apparently.

    good lord they actually did it, the absolute madmen
    (core pokemon RPG for switch in development)

      followed immediately by "metroid prime 4 is a game that will exist in the near future"

    @markserrels how much red bull did you smash tonight? Or did Nintendo get you that jacked up? I think we'd understand either way.

    Yeah shit......ok so Switch is going to be huge.

    Crap! Metroid? Pokemon? Now i got to go buy a Switch!

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