Nobody Wanted This, But Bubsy Is Officially Coming Back

Development studio Accolade is back with a new game featuring their flagship character, Bubsy. Is this even legal? Mods?

"Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back is an all new Bubsy adventure featuring Bubsy in a bevy of exotic locations as he travels the planet looking for the beloved Golden Fleece," Accolade said in a press release today. "Bubsy must use all of his classic moves and a few new ones to dodge and out bobcat a battalion of Woolies, sharks and bess, not mention the gnarliest UFO bosses to ever grace a Bubsy adventure." Accolade also said that this new game will mark the return for Accolade as a brand. Here's a trailer:

The last Bubsy game, Bubsy 3D, was released in 1996 and is less than beloved. Accolade shuttered in 2000. It has been 17 years since then. In addition to the above information, Accolade sent us an interview with the fictional character of Bubsy. Here's an excerpt:

Reporter: … it's a platforming game right?

Bubsy: Running, Jumping, Gliding… they're all metaphors for life. Just ask Mario.

Reporter: Do you know Mario?

Bubsy: No, what's your point?

I have absolutely no explanation for why this happened or who wanted it. I do know, however, that I will continue to intentionally mispronounce Bubsy's name.


    I remember them playing this on whatever system they had on that game show A*mazing and thinking it looked pretty fun. I guess not.

      Probably SNES, that's what I used to play it on. I'll definitely give this a shot, but I can't see myself paying more than about 15-20 for it.

      They always used a SNES on that show. It's.... An OK game, major flaw being the character moves faster than the screen can keep up, so you're always running into stuff if you don't have the level memerised.

      Can be bought on steam as "Bubsy Two-Fur"

        I know at least a few times they used Mario Kart 64. But most of it looked to be SNES era stuff.

        Nigel Mansell F1 racing
        Donkey Kong Country
        Some bug swatting game

        Forget any others.

        Sometimes the other team would have enough points to win even if they lost the videogame challenge but the host was always talking it up as being down to the wire.

    Bubsy was the first non-Mario platformer I played on the SNES. I stand by the first title as a good game. It was a lot of fun and I don't think it deserves any hate but it seems like it's fashionable to hate on it.

      I loved it and I don't care what anyone says DX

      I couldn't give a rats what is fashionable or not, and I don't know how old you were when you played this game to form such a set in stone opinion. It's fine, you are allowed to like it as much as I'm allowed to remember it was a bland, generic wannabe. Back then I played it on a mega drive and going from sonic to that meant I was just playing the same kinda game, just with the speed, colour and fun turned down. Our 12 year old selves were quite merciless with our thoughts on it, from memory.

        You mean like every platformer? Generic... Bubsy did bring some new things to the table at least.

        Like every other platformer, they all bring their own spice to the table.

        Imho people who hated bubsy probably just sucked at it, i do remember people complaining about the jump/glide controls being stupid (ie; You suck at it)

          I beg to differ, good sir. We invested far more time and effort into it than we should have by clocking the bastard (Back when I had the luxury of time to do such things. Horizon is the only game I've finished in the last 2 years, sadly). And feeling mighty underwhelmed when we did. My point is that after being spoiled with how good Sonic 1 n 2 were, plus the awesome Earthworm Jim that came out around that time... Well it didn't really compare well. Bubsy wasn't the shitest game ever, nor was it of the "so bad, it's good" genre. It was mediocre personified. It's only features being slightly naff controls (but not unplayable by any means) and it's banality. But hey, if you enjoyed it, good for you. But I'm also allowed to snigger n guffaw whenever I see its name, ok?

      Spot on! Bubsy was one of my favorite games on the Sega Mega Drive so I'm glad to see this return. Maybe they could have kept the graphic style like how Sega did with the new Sonic Mania but better then nothing :)

    I enjoyed the first game on the Megadrive so am curiously optimistic.

    sweet, the games were fun enough to warrant buying another

    Why does the gaming media make bubsy out to be some terrible thing? Whenever the series is painted like this people seem to defend the games. From what i played at friends houses as a kid the games are fine, nothing special and clearly unoriginal but nothing worth being so dismissive and cruel about.

      Because like Nintendo, it's cool to hate it.

        Well it's easy for media to poke fun at nintendo with the kind of decisions and the way they run things to be fair. I'm a nintendo fan but usually when there's articles people claim as "hating" on it that fans are up in arms about there's some truth to the jokes

          Oh, Nintendo are no where near perfect, but they've been "doomed" for years according to some in the media.
          I enjoyed Bubsy and it was one of the first games for the snes I bought as an adult.

      A lot of the hate comes from the third game. I myself only played a little bit of the first game (long story, not worth mentioning) and it was OK.

      But Bubsy 3D is a product of a trend back then when polygonal graphics was seen as a license to print money yet many use that game alone as basically judgement for the whole series.

      But back to the present. I wouldn't mind see this when released. I often feel that with the rush for more detailed graphics, a lot of elements that made past games fun have been forgotten.

      I have to agree, I had never heard of this game before now.

      Reading the headline lead me to dismiss this as a game not worth my time, then from the comments people are saying it wasn't bad.

      It's ok for Kotaku to submit an opinion, but when the title says. This was rubbish the first time and we do t want it back.

      One has to wonder

        Looks like it's a US article. I imagine an AUS one would disclose that it as their opinion in the paragraph.

        Re: Bubsy as a game.
        It's a decent platformer that has ripped off elements of both Sonic and mario. Sometimes there are multiple paths to the ending, sometimes there is only one.
        Bubsy kills things by jumping on them, he can glide and also bounce on trees. However, he cannot swim and deep water is an instakill. There is gutters that will help him travel to places.
        Like many other platformers of the era, the game can be punishing, but not to the degree of Mario or sonic. The characters are few, the enemies are many and the story can be told in a single sentence.

      Because it was a shit game at a time when every developer jumped on the bandwagon trying to create a mascot like sonic or mario. Torrents of garbage then came forth

      Not saying this is the case here but I've many cases of people defending a clearly bad game because they played it as kids and didn't see the flaws. Not saying they did not enjoy it as kids, just that objectively it has some serious flaws that harmed the game quite bad.

      Case in point is DK64. I was at the in between stage when I got that game. Was able to enjoy it but was also starting to see flaws. So I kind of see both sides of the argument for that one.

    STILL got my my boxed copy of Bubsy on SNES and it's one of my all time favorite platformers, I'll be all over this like... some cliche I can't think of

    Because everyone was screaming for a sequel after the first 3D Bubsy on PS1...

    Nobody Wanted This, But Bubsy Is Officially Coming Back

    Speak for yourself, heathen!

    [Proceeds to done a white shirt with exclamation mark while playing Bubsy on SNES with a CRT and old stereo amp.]

      Don't forget to do the victory dance!

    Wait a sec, I'm potentially interested.
    I had a lot of fun with the first Bubsy game on the SNES back in the day... then again I know nothing of this Bubsy 3D.

    Or maybe my kiddie nostalgia glasses are affecting my judgement.

    Who says Bubsy isn't relevant to the kids any more? My son is 3 and he loves Bubsy on the Megadrive!

    Reasons being:
    "He says funny things"
    "He jumps on the guys"
    "He went down the waterfall!"
    "He went in the door!"
    "Why doesn't he like heights?"

      Who says Bubsy isn't relevant to the kids any more?

      Most likely the same people who think I need to seek mental help as they see me check my Amazon order at the post office and see the cartoon DVDs inside.

      If they are examples of grown adults then I'm glad I never grew up!

    And people throw abuse at me for pointing out bullshit like this about Kotaku writers. Why be in this line of work when all you're going to do is hate?

      Wait on! They haven't got to the part where they count the number of cisgender white males on the dev team yet!

        It's one thing to say "hey, maybe give this a fair chance before it comes out" sort of thing, but I think people have taken this far and beyond the intended spirit. That's going to happen from time to time, and writers being human will result in occasionally poking the bear a little too hard as well.

        The Accolade angle is the one that really raises an eyebrow for me. How the hell is Accolade still in business?

          The Accolade angle is the one that really raises an eyebrow for me. How the hell is Accolade still in business?

          Maybe the name lives on while the original behind it are gone?

          It's like Atari; the company in the 80s is long dead but the name lives on.

          That was actually the striking point for me. What? Accolade? It hit me like a wave of nostalgia, but also surprise at their continued existence.

    Bubsy was a great game, people who hated it probably just sucked at it. Or it just sucked on Nintendo.. because it was great on sega

    i thought accolade were dead tbh. them still existing is the most interesting thing to me >

    I'm excited.

    Bubsy is as fast as Sonic, but he has instadeath!

      There was an art to running like a mad man, taking a leap of faith and gliding - bouncing of multiple enemies to then be hammered by something innocuous like a moving gumball machine

      Classic SNES platforming!

    I remember even as a kid being underwhelmed by this game , imo it was pretty average and i didnt play much of it. There was a wealth of seminal platforming games on the SNES so i cant see why anyone would think this is worthy of a reboot! I mean i enjoyed Plok back in the day but that doesnt mean it needs to be revived haha

    Wait... so nobody here actually watched the video?

    It looks nothing like Bubsy. And I don't just mean "ew he's in 3D now", I mean... everything. It looks like a shitty student-grade Unity project, where it's just kinda painted in Bubsy colours but doesn't actually look or play like it at all.

    In that respect, the title holds true for me. I am all about a Bubsy comeback. But "not like this."

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