Someone Made A Full-Scale Mario Kart Theme Park

Image: Supplied

Given that Nintendo World is in the early stages of construction, it's not a surprise that someone would try and make a virtual recreation of Universal Studios' anticipated theme park. And while two RollerCoaster Tycoon fans haven't quite gotten that far, they've made something that might be even better: a full-scale Mario Kart theme park.

Made in the open-source reimpementation OpenRCT, the park is called Mario Kart: All Cup Tour. It's basically a theme park built around 16 go-kart tracks, split into the Special, Star, Mushroom and Flower Cups. Each of the rides are styled off Mario Kart tracks as well, ranging from Bowser's Castle to Koopa Beach to Twisted Mansion, although some of the rides borrow elements from multiple tracks.

Image: bigshootergill/Coasterbill
Image: bigshootergill/Coasterbill
Image: bigshootergill/Coasterbill

The designers even found a way to make the shortcuts work with the pathing AI in OpenRCT. There's also customised Shy Guy objects, and the crabs on Koopa Beach even move around and interact with the theme park NPCs. That's pretty remarkable.

The entire park has been finished and you can import it into your own OpenRCT game from here.


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