Our First Look At Beyond Good & Evil 2's In-Game Engine

As you're no doubt already aware, Ubisoft showed off a trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3. No gameplay footage was shown, leaving most of us wondering what the hell this video game would actually look like in the flesh.

In this video Creative Director Michel Ancel answers some of those questions.

This is a 15 minute look at the early in-game engine for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Looks great so far.


    I'm very excited but also equally worried about this game. Very ambitious looking.

    Looks extreeeeeemely ambitious. I hope they can pull of what they're going for. I'd love for this to be worth the wait.

    Let's hope Michel Ansel has learned from Sean Murray. Let's also hope that the internet at large doesn't take everything shown in pre-release footage as promise of release content. Oh, who am I kidding, meltdown is inevitable regardless.

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