Overwatch, As Played By A Baguette

Overwatch, As Played By A Baguette

Kiwi streamer Rudeism has a habit for playing Overwatch with unusual controllers. His latest might be the most functional though: a sniper rifle made out of a baguette.

Early yesterday morning, he Tweeted out that all the basic functions were mapped and his French creation was ready to go:

A white breadbord was plugged into the loaf, with a D-pad and trigger for firing on the left-hand side of his carby creation. And while the aiming was fairly janky, it … it works. Over the course of a few hours, Rudeism sussed out the finer nature of the control, tweaking the sensitivity and occasionally taking bites out of his controller.

Because, y’know, it’s made of bread. People get hungry after a few hours.

It’s not an easy controller to play with, Rudeism told the stream, although it’s also not the most challenging creation the Kiwi has made. Rudeism’s Twitch archive has videos featuring World of Warcraft as played by a DDR pad, Hanzo played with an actual bow, Skyrim with voice controls, and kitchen sieves to play Civilization 6.


  • A note of pedantry, it’s actually “Overwatch as played with a Buaguette”. “Played by a Baguette” suggests that the Baguette is the one playing the game and leads to disappointment when the reader finds out it’s just circuitry strapped to a baked good.

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