Overwatch Now Has An In-Game Reference To Tracer's Girlfriend

To recap, Overwatch's Tracer is gay. Until now that's been a fact contained to offscreen fiction, but the latest update to the PTR (Public Test Region) has dropped in a new voice line that references Tracer's girlfriend Emily within the game itself.

Our Thoughts On Overwatch's Tracer Being Gay

With the release of Overwatch's holiday comic, gamers saw the game's first openly gay character. Tracer. Many of us here at Kotaku, an Overwatch fansite, took time to sit down and reflect on how Blizzard has treated the topic of diversity in our favourite team based shooter.

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Spotted by Arya and Mic, here's what it sounds like:


If the embed doesn't work for you, the line is:

Wonder if I have time to visit Emily? No, better stay focused.

Ah, young love.

The line isn't available in the regular version of Overwatch yet, but you can expect it will turn up pretty soon.


    Bugger off Blizzard! Keep your canon away from fan shipping!

      Oh no! Diversity and inclusivity that doesn't affect the gameplay in any tangible way... this is clearly a travesty worthy of ire. Angery react only plz

        But muh head canon of pretending two fictional characters are in a relationship :(

          We all have our predilections :-)

          Some people *gasp* even dress up as these fictional characters!

          Some people write THEIR OWN STORIES about these fictional characters!

          Will the MADNESS NEVER END!?!?


            I cosplay myself, so I've nothing against people liking/relating to fictional characters.

            I just don't understand why some people (not necessarily you in this case) would get so upset about the creators of a fictional character writing her as having a canonical relationship that is different to fans' head canon.

              Probably more from the point of view that she was changed to be less inclusive. By leaving her as she was, the fans could imagine that she was gay, bi, hetero or whatever. Now, it's as if Blizzard has given a section of the fandom a big middle finger, saying, 'she's not for you'.

              However, for all we know Emily could be transitioning to male gender and it turns out that Tracer is hetero after all! (Until Blizzard shuts down that avenue as well)


                Made a character canonically gay in a medium that traditionally has lacked strong, gay characters = "less inclusive".


                  Think about it: character with unspecified sexuality > character with defined limited sexuality.

                  I don't disagree with the rest of your comment though.

        Pretty sure it was meant to be a joke about how people like to ship different characters and not about her being gay specifically. Chill mate.

      Since when has canon ever stopped fans from doing anything? From the bloody unlikely (WidowXTracer) to the physically impossible (YoungAnaXOldSoldier), the fandom has done it all.

      Think of Overwatch like Lego: it says on the box that these bits make a car, but you can use the bits to make whatever you want.

      you know Widowmaker is called Emily too right? just with an A and wonky spelling

    Well they didn't make Zarya gay so I'm still good

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