PC Shooter Removes Single Tree From Game, Just For One Guy

PC Shooter Removes Single Tree From Game, Just For One Guy

A few weeks back, SprayAndPlay made a request that a single tree (pictured) be taken out of Tripwire’s Rising Sun 2: Vietnam, a multiplayer PC shooter released earlier this year. And now, the tree is gone.

On the surface, it seems like an odd request. But when you hear the explanation, it starts to make more sense:

So there’s Huey’s in this game and I love to fly them, favourite role by far. There’s a landing zone with some tree cover fairly close to an objective which I like to try and use when possible but because its so close to the objective I get under heavy fire when I come in for a landing. So what I tend to do is fly extremely low and fast, pull a 180 and land to get my guys out there before an RPG blasts me rotor off.

However the exit out of the LZ was blocked by a lone, lanky, thin tree. In the heat of the moment I’d glance out and see an exit and head there only to be met with that tree but I’d keep forgetting about it and I’d repeatedly just smash into it.

And so, the request:

It’s such a small issue I know. Like this one tree in some irrelevant part of one map but it serves no purpose. It’s too small and thin for cover, it’s directly in the middle of a big pathway from the river. Replace it with a rock or something that won’t snap my [helicopter’s] blades in half.

It’s just a fucking ball-ache.

I don’t play this game, but I think we’ve all been there: A rock, a building or something that if you play a game long enough starts to get in your way if you have to do the same thing or go the same way over and over and over again. So while it seems like a small issue, if you’ve gotten to the point of making a request like this, it’s probably not!

Fast forward to this week, and the tree was removed in a patch that went live on June 20. As you can see, an explanation was given: “We agree with you, sir!”

PC Shooter Removes Single Tree From Game, Just For One Guy

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