PlayStation 2’s Hack//G.U. Is Getting HD Remaster For PS4 And PC

PlayStation 2’s Hack//G.U. Is Getting HD Remaster For PS4 And PC

[Image: Famitsu]

The action role-playing game series .hack//G.U. will be reborn as an HD remaster for the PlayStation 4 called .hack//G.U. Last Record.

Set in a fictional MMORPG called The World, the first game in the series, .hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth, was released in 2006, while the final one, .hack//G.U. Vol. 3: Redemption, came out in 2007.

According to Famitsu, the .hack//G.U. trilogy is not only getting remastered graphics with the forthcoming .hack//G.U. Last Record, but also a revamped game system and game tempo. The HD version will also feature new content.

The tweaks seems extensive enough for Famitsu to ask “Is this a totally new work?” No, but it sounds like CyberConnect2 is going to shore up the original .hack//G.U. for the current gen.

The Famitsu article says that .hack//G.U. will be resurrected as an HD remaster in 2017, but the web teaser of the printed article doesn’t give an exact release date. No word about an international release, either.


  • Nice. I missed the .Hack// series of games when they first came out and have wanted to play them so this is a great chance to catch up. Now, if only they’d bring Shadow Hearts HD remasters out along with Suikoden V and maybe BOF: Dragon Quarter (hey, I liked it) then I’d be a happy person.

  • .hack//GU never made it to Australia, I believe. We got the four before; Infection, mutation, outbreak and quarantine.
    Be good to play GU, finally.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of playing both series’s of .hack on the PS2 (GU via pcsx2), and I’d love to play this. PLEASE HAVE A PC PORT OF THIS.

    Also please make more games in this series. It is quite an original series, and in the case of the GU games, is the pinnacle of JRPGs. I’ve not played a better JRPG than the GU games. The anime completes it. Spectacular stuff.

    Please release this on PC.

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