Pokemon GO Gets First Real-World Event And More 

Pokemon GO Gets First Real-World Event And More 

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To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pokemon GO, the app is getting both in-game events and a real-world festival in Chicago.

The in-game Solstice Event starts June 13, 2017 and will feature XP bonuses for accurate throws, discounted Lucky Eggs, and Fire-type and Ice-type Pokemon. A new collaborative group gameplay centric update will follow.

Then on July 22, 2017, Pokemon GO Fest Chicago will get underway at Grant Park in Chicago. You can read the full release below:


We’re celebrating two amazing milestones — Pokemon GO’s one-year anniversary and 750 million global downloads — and you’re invited to join in on the fun! Over the next few months, we’re hosting real-world and in-game events planned alongside some very exciting new features that will get you outside exploring the world with family and friends. Get ready for an action-packed couple of months!

To kick things off, we will be hosting the Solstice Event starting on June 13, 2017. This in-game event will feature Fire-type and Ice-type Pokemon, huge XP bonuses for throwing Poké Balls accurately, and discounted Lucky Eggs in the in-game shop. Soon thereafter, you can look forward to a new update focused on collaborative group gameplay features that will get you playing Pokemon GO in fun new ways. In preparation for these exciting features, we’ll be temporarily disabling Gyms for a short period of time.

We’re also excited to announce our first ever real-world Pokemon GO event coming your way: Pokemon GO Fest Chicago! This event will take place in downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA at the beautiful Grant Park on July 22, 2017. Join us as we celebrate the Pokemon GO community with a ton of exciting festivities. Tickets and more information for Pokemon GO Fest Chicago will be available at PokemonGoLive.com/Fest on Monday, June 19 at 10:00 A.M. PDT, so make sure to mark your calendars and follow our social media channels to be notified when tickets go live! European Trainers can look forward to Pokemon GO celebrations hosted across the continent from June through September in partnership with Unibail-Rodamco shopping centres.

We’ll be posting a complete schedule for these events very soon. Also, The Pokemon Company is organising “Pikachu Outbreak”, a Pokemon event in Yokohama, Japan, in August where they’re exploring a unique Pokemon GO experience. Stay tuned for even more details surrounding each of these events in the coming weeks.

Keep an eye on PokemonGoLive.com and our Pokemon GO social media channels for the latest news and updates surrounding the exciting features and events coming your way. See you outside!

— The Pokemon GO team


  • Couldn’t care less about any Pokemon GO! event at this point in time. I am more intrigued about the updated gameplay.. anything that turns the grind simulator into an actual game would be nice.

  • I still play when I get out the house, not many others do now tho and they need to get rid of the cheaters high level pokemon hell i havnt even broken the 1000 mark i think my biggest pokemon is 850cp

    wish I was rich so I could travel round the world going to cons and events, would be ace. this fest sounds cool

    • Not sure what you mean by “cheaters high level Pokémon”. Most people that are still playing have been playing since the game launched and are sitting in the mid-30s. That means their best ‘mons will have CPs above 3000.

      • im not an idiot and dont play pokemon 24/7 im a casual and cant even do gym stuff other than letting other casuals have a go at my low level inhabiting the gym

        got adult stuff to do

      • diddnt mean to be harsh in my comment soz…. its all fun and games

        just same thing with MMOs as well…. people hardcore too much to get high level and everyone else cant even compete

    • Your max CP is determined by your level. I have a pidgy that is over half your max CP.
      I just evolved an eggxecute this morning that wasn’t anything special and it came out at 1600

    • They probably aren’t cheating: they probably just got to a higher levels earlier than you.

      If you can hold on to a gym for an extended period of time, you will be earning 10 coins per day per gym. That essentially gives those higher level players benefits that lower level players would have to pay real money for, such as increased storage, lucky eggs, incubators, etc. That basically means the top level players can increase their lead over the rest of the player base without paying lots of money.

      Maybe the gym update will change how all of this works though.

        • It’s a free to play game: there will always be some mechanic that lets you trade real money for time. That’s how these games make money without having an upfront cost.

          It does sound like you’re not taking advantage of the free experience bonuses that are available though. If you spin one pokestop and catch one pokemon every day, that will give you an extra 11,000 experience every week. As you level up, you’ll find stronger pokemon to catch, and be able to train your existing pokemon to match your level.

          It’s also worth hanging on to the lucky eggs you get at certain levels. Catch about 60 pidgeys and enough candy to evolve them once. Use the lucky egg, and then evolve each pidgey in the half hour the egg is active, doubling the experience. That can net you about 120,000 experience.

          As far as gyms go, the main problem I see with them is that they are pretty much useless to lower level players. If you can’t beat the first pokemon in the gym, then there is no reward for even trying: you’ll get no experience, and make no change to the prestige.

          Compare to Ingress, where a level 1 player can still help recharge a level 8 portal to help their team and gain experience.

          • maybe a “casual league” and pro or expert league…. where the game auto sorts the players into their skill and time played groups…

            I dunno… still an amazing revolutionary game… yeah i wish i could play more! same with ingress

          • Well, given that the only place where relative player levels make a difference is gym battles, and they say they’re reworking that aspect of the game, lets see what happens.

            And it isn’t just a case of casual vs. hardcore players: it’s also bad for bringing new players into the game, since the continued progress of established players means it is taking longer and longer for those new players to reach a level where they can participate. That kind of thing can kill a game.

    • Cheaters lol. Maybe the reason why you dont have any pokemon over 1000 cp is because you don’t really know how to play this game. There are other players here on sydney with pokemon over 2800cp should i also call them a cheater? No i wouldnt cos anyone who knows how to play would know it takes time and alot of leveling up to get there. I was like you once at the time my highest was 500cp but as i played more and leveled up i my strongest pokemon is 2600+cp. You just need to pick with pokemon you like the best and work on it amd you’ll get there too.

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