Project Scorpio Hasn't Even Been Unveiled And It's Already A Meme

Image credit: Alberto Penello

Speaking of t-shirts, Microsoft is handing out its own ahead of the press briefing later this afternoon. They read "I witnessed the most powerful console ever" and naturally the Internet is having a field day.

Here are just a few of the best entries already swirling around Twitter:

For more on Project Scorpio, rather than memes about Project Scorpio, follow our liveblog and the stream below:

Microsoft's Xbox E3 2017: The Liveblog

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Sneaking in before Sony, but after EA's pre-show, uh, show, is big ol' Redmond. Those Xbox guys. Or just Microsoft. It'll have a few announcements to get through at E3 this year and you'll be able to see them all, right here.

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    Oh god, sounds like another marketing home run from the folks who thought Xbox One would be nicknamed, The One

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