PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Has Zombie Bears

"Oh crap that's a lot of zombies" game Days Gone caused a stir last year, but made like days and became gone shortly after. Today's Sony E3 press conference showed off its quieter side.

After getting unceremoniously torn from his motorcycle by dudes who were not zombies, but rather regular dudes who wanted a) a motorcycle and b) to do murder, the game's main character had to sneak in almost Last Of Us-inspired fashion around some enemy encampments.

At one point he managed to fool a horde of zombies into overrunning people he was sneaking past. It was kinda neat. After rescuing a friend from said people, however, a zombie bear showed up. Presumably that's the end of the game, because the bear looked very large, mean and immortal.


    So, so generic.

    It's all been done before and this just seems like a dull retread.

      The trailer looked pretty cool but still felt like nothing new...

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