PS4's Spider-Man Looks Like A Rush, Out In 2018

Insomniac's Spider-Man, first shown at last year's E3 (and which despite the timing has nothing to do with the new movie), looked promising today with a demonstration of high-flying gameplay.

This looks cool. Like Insomniac may have figured out what was so great about Spider-Man 2's web-slinging, but also found a way to work some stealth and 1v1 combat in there as well.

Here's the video Sony showed at E3, which is mostly open gameplay, with a few scripted/curated sections worked in. The game will be out on PS4 in 2018.

Stick around after the end title in the clip for a short extra sequence showing that Miles Morales, who also is Spider-Man in the comics, will be in the game.


    I really wish I enjoyed Spiderman at all, the game looks great, but Spiderman instantly makes me zone out.

    man, as a spidey fan, this is freakin amazing.
    spewing its sony owned. would love to play this on PC.
    last time i played spiderman video games was on PS1.

      But still Sony Pictures connection gives me hope for cameos and some really good talent.

        only downside i mentioned about it being on sony, was that i cant play it on PC straight away.

          Still happy with Sony rather than Activision, they would have found a way to turn it into a movie tie in, or worse; a shlooter with micro-transactions.

    The QTE's are an instant turn off. Why Insomniac???

    Is anybody able to tell me whether bullet time has been used in a Spidey game before?

      I think this is sort of playing into his spider sense, being able to sense danger and react.

        Yeah, I get that. Just curious about what other established options there are. Bullet time and the counter system from the Arkham games come to mind.

    I can't wait for this game. Being dying for another good Spider-Man game since after Spider-Man 2 The Movie Game. That was a blast to just swing around New York City. And this, this just blows me away. Absolutely flawed by what is on offer. I just hope the finished game is as polished as what has been shown at E3 so far.

    And as a long time Spidey fan, this is all I've ever wanted.

      People are angry it's an exclusive, but third party already had their chance and blew it. This looks much much better.

        Activison treated the character poorly. So why not, first party exclusive and Sony can pump as much money into it. Make it a better game than anyone else would've done.

    If that's all in game engine & not a pre-made sequence it should be an awesome looking game.

    Very Arkham Asylum but Spiderman also did Batman takedown better than the Bat.

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