ScreenPLAY’s Esports League Will Start With Two Games

ScreenPLAY’s Esports League Will Start With Two Games

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Mini SNES this morning, it was revealed that the esports league for Channel Seven’s new gaming show, screenPLAY, would feature two games.

According to a drop given to the Australian Financial Review, screenPLAY’s esports league will start with two games and function as a feeder competition for Australians to play in larger, international tournaments.

“We need to have this sustainable approach to this total video strategy – esports is the next big cab off the rank … we are aware that the target audience for esports, therefore ScreenPlay, do not come to broadcast for their first point of contact,” Clive Dickens, chief digital officer at Seven, told the AFR.

He wouldn’t say what games the league would kick off with. League of Legends is the largest in the local scene, although Call of Duty and Counter-Strike have a established, long-term presence in Australia. Overwatch is also fairly popular, and the structure of the upcoming Overwatch World Cup and Blizzard’s aspirations for the game might fit in with Seven’s idea of creating a feeder league for international competition.

You can read the full story over at the AFR. I also interviewed the hosts of screenPLAY, Good Game alumni Stephanie Bendixen and Nich Richardson, about the show and what they want to achieve at Channel Seven.

ScreenPLAY Wants To Be A Home For Gamers

There's a neat visual trick when you visit the screenPLAY studios at Channel Seven. After exiting the first floor, you walk through what could be any ordinary office building towards a set of double doors. Those open to a much larger passageway with black floors and black walls, what you'd expect from a standard TV studio.

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  • I think it will be LoL and either Starcraft 2 or a Fighting Game as i cant see ACMA or the Classification Board allowing FPSes to shown TV especially not before 9pm. thens the also the fact that MOBAs, RTS and Fighting games are great for spectatoring compared to and FPS

  • So what kind of a gaming show is this supposed to be? Not reviews but instead e-sports? Of MOBAs? Ughh

  • NichBoy and Pierreth are both huge DOTA fans so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them push for that.

    But they also have a close contact in Hingers so that could have greased the LoL wheels.

    And why does everyone seems to have a raging erection for Overwatch except for me? I find it to be a fairly mediocre shooter.

    • You mean you don’t like Overwatch & it’s one game mode that is apparently revolutionary & groundbreaking & god’s gift to gamers lol Overwatch is a premium paid game with micro transactions ugh, Your not alone in not understanding the hype.

      • It seems strange to complain about Overwatch’s lack of variety when League of Legends is more popular with much less variety.

        But that aside, Overwatch has plenty of game modes. The normal ranked rotation includes escort, assault and control, and quick play arcade has mystery duel, mystery heroes, elimination and no limits. Then there’s the seasonal events (Lucioball, Junkenstein’s Revenge, etc).

        Have you actually played it?

        • Nope, I have to tend too much salt being flung by it’s fansbase in communties i moderate. It’s tvery much on the toxicity levels as Call of duty so forgive my unwillingness & lack of want to play that also micro transactions in a premium paid game is not okay. 🙁

          • The Overwatch community is in no way anywhere near CoD levels of salt. It’s pretty chill from my experience. As for the micro-transactions the only thing you can buy is loot boxes, and they only have skins and voice lines. There’s absolutely no need to buy them as the game drops loot boxes every level and you get 3 extra each week for winning in the arcade game modes.

            The heroes all play quite differently and have a lot of character, plus it’s very well balanced. That’s why I like it.

          • Yeah i hear it’s well balanced, Up there with Titanfall 2’s level of good balanced gameplay

      • Overwatch is a poor man’s TF2 but blizzard were smart enough to include consoles thereby automatically giving the game a wider reach than CSGO, DOTA et al

          • I swear if Valve were to release the current FTP build of TF2 onto consoles the would dominate (hell even a Switch could run that game without breaking a sweat!)

    • I’m one of those gamers who’s getting too old and slow for CoD, have no time for DotA/LoL. So something like Overwatch which seems tooled towards more diverse skills than your average shooter and plays in very short bursts suits me just fine.

      Yes it’s not revolutionary, and it has issues with balance, but I feel it’s the most approachable shooter that has a very deep and interesting meta. IMO.

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