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Nice work gz - Friday's ScribbleTaku was Age of Empires. The original one, incidentally. I had the game on my mind after the remaster for AOE 1 was announced during the PC Gaming Showcase. It's been an awful long time since I busted out the CD for that game (since you can't buy it digitally these days).

But a new week means a new game. Let's see how you all go.

Good luck!



      Be very surprised if it wasn't!

        Could be Mario Kart 8. Granted, such a viewing angle would be phenomenally rare but it was a featured track.

        And the editors tend to be creative with ScribbleTaku at times.

    Mario kart 8, the excite bike stage >.>

    Total Annihilation.

      I was thinking the same thing - one of the solar collectors? I checked though, they were square on top rather than rectangular

    Excitebike. Just played this on the mini NES and owned the original.

    Late, but gotta be Excitebike.

    ...unless it's 3D Classics Excitebike!

    Marble Madness?

    Just flailing about for non-Excitebike options here :P

    Excitebike 64?

    Trials Evolution

    Racing Destruction Set (C64). *Sigh*.. I'm old.. :(

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