Ruthan and r3sin finally got the latest ScribbleTaku - it was the original Dungeon Keeper, released by Bullfrog in the 90's. That was back when the Molyneux name was synonymous with vision and quality. How times have changed.

Anyway, new day, new game. Let's see how you all go.

Good luck!



    Golden Axe?

      Yeah, that's exactly what it is! It jumped straight out at me as something I recognised, but damned if I could remember what.

      Looks like the Atari ST version. All the others have a magic bottle, rather than the dot.

    Damn, I recognised Golden Axe straight away, but my lunch is about 1h after most of these get answered :/

    Last edited 22/06/17 2:17 pm

    seconds guess,

    Pocket Card Jockey.

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