So Alex's sneaky ScribbleTaku from yesterday was actually Golden Axe. Props to Welbot for guessing it so quickly!

Good luck with today's effort!


    Banjo Kazooie?

    Alex Kids in Miracle World, Master System.

    Wow. I check in at 7pm to see what the deal is with Scribbletaku (don't judge me, this is a big deal) and no guesses whatsoever!? I think this might be some kind of record for lack of interest!

    Or maybe the drawing is just so terrible that nobody even knows where to start? Actually, that's probably it. I'm sorry that your drawing is so shit Mark...

    So. It looks like a ring. Sonic has them. Or maybe it's a a belt? I dunno. But it's in a brick/box!! That's Mario territory!


    You know what, I think I've cracked it.

    Mario vs Sonic at the Olympic Games. Woo!!

      hahaha epic post!

      I actually missed this entirely today.. Not that it matters.. I don't think I have any clue what it is... :0

        Worst part is that the html tag sanitisation removed the <hug> that I gave him. How will he know how I really feel about him now?

      It's 12.45am Saturday morning and I saw 4 comments and thought THAT was low. Didn't realise it took that long to get the first nibble.

      So, in the spirit of competition allow me to suggest that the box looks suspiciously like an Overwatch loot crate, and submit that as my guess for this round.

      I saw it around 1pm but I have no idea what it is.

        I saw it when it was posted and still have no idea what it is. All of my theories have proven to be wrong.

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