Did you guess Descent for yesterday's ScribbleTaku? Puppylicks did, and within five minutes no less. I specifically took the crosshairs from Descent 2, although they're weapon dependent and you can find equivalents in all three of the games. There's probably something similar in Overload too, the game some of the original Descent devs are working on.

Anyway, new game time. Let's see if this triggers any memories for you.

Good luck!


    the original elite?

    I'll go with Star Control 2. It isn't, but it reminded me of that great game and so now you're all reminded of that great game too.

    I'm just going to pull something out of my ass & say Freelancer. It's wrong but i just wanted to feel apart of the fun.

    Gonna take a wild guess and say maybe sins of a solar empire?

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