A lot of people guessed strategy games or 4X games for yesterday's ScribbleTaku, but nobody was close to the mark. Actually, a lot of you weren't even in the right decade.

Let's see if you can get a little closer today with a new clue.

Here's the original hint:

Good luck!


    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

      Nice one!

      Definitely the printer, can't place yesterdays image though?

      Last edited 28/06/17 2:10 pm

        Do a google search for the game, and it seems its one of 4 icons in the bottom right. A See icon with the 3 buttons, a Depart icon with a plane, a looking glass with a ? and a Crime icon with what looks like a computer.

        Definitely WitWiCS

          Ooooh yes I see it. Thanks!

      The Ready, Wait... Gives it away for me.

    NBN Rollout simulator?

      The above picture is a bit too high tech for that..... not the picture on the Post it, the Post It note itself.

        Dot matrix printers are pretty speedy at getting data from one side of the page to the other too

    That printer makes me think of Tex Murphy 1: Mean Streets

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