Settlers Of Catan, Meet Satan

Settlers Of Catan, Meet Satan
Image: Kickstarter

It’s not an official product, but to all that is unholy I hope it becomes one soon.

It’s called Settlers of Satan, which is exactly what it sounds like: a Satan-themed Settlers of Catan spin-off, where pentagrams take the place of villages and a rogue priest takes the place of the robber.

The creators describe Settlers for Satan as a parody, although the whole set – which only comes with 19 hexes and the rogue priest – is completely handmade. “We are only making enough sets for this Kickstarter and then the moulds will be destroyed,” the campaign description reads.

It’s possible to get the Catan parody shipped to Australia, although you’ll have to pay a staggering $US89 in shipping. International pledges will start shipping from November, and they won’t be available in stores afterwards, so if you have a tabletop fan in your life this might be a perfect Christmas gift. You’ll also have to paint the hexes yourself, as the hand painted option doesn’t ship to Australia.

If you’re interested, head over to the Kickstarter campaign to find out more. And if you’re worried about it being funded, don’t: the goal was $US666.


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