The Last Night Still Looks Great

GIF: Kotaku

Short cyberpunk adventure game The Last Night still looks absolutely incredible in its new E3 trailer.

It's a "cinematic platformer" rendered in gorgeous pixel art and slated for release next year.


    Meanwhile, elsewhere on the internet - Notch (of Minecraft fame) is calling some woman a 'caring, understanding nineties type' on Twitter because she's calling for a boycott of the game because the devs were heavily involved in GamerGate?

    I don't know the full story ... I tried so hard to piece together everything but Twitter back and forth doesn't make for a comprehensive picture. Nonetheless, I found it interesting that this game wasn't all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

      Goddamn it Notch, I know you're a free spirit and you have the right to say whatever you want but... sheesh dude, my kids look up to you.

          "I do what I want! Nobody tells me what to do! I have the right to say whatever I think and maintain whatever position I want!"

          [Sometime later, a bedraggled form heaves itself out of the gutter.]

          "Please... help me..."

          The world spins on.

            Interesting story of someone voicing their opinion somehow ending up in the gutter and having to plead for help.

            I wonder though, would you apply it to everyone or reserve it only for those holding opinions you disagree with?

            He sold Minecraft for 2.5 billion bucks. I don't think he's ever going to fall into the gutter.

      Wasn't even heavily involved. Just supported Journalist integrity :/

    The premise of this game is that the oppressive force that ruined society are social justice warriors, and that because they provided everyone's basic needs, society collapsed because no-one wanted to do anything.

    I am 100% serious.

      But what if it's a great game?

      Really strong art design. I'm impressed as all get out!

      oh yeah, just like how socialised medicine and mandatory education for children has basically caused an acocolpyse... oh wait, providing both revolutionised society.

      Meanwhile, over in the comments under the Wolfenstein II trailer...

    The visuals are absolutely beautiful. Definitely adding this to my watch-list.

    All angry extreme feminist tweet mining aside the game looks really good.

    I like the theme but the pixel art doesn't do it for me. Feels just like the flavour of the month now. I mean, with artwork like that, to do pixel art would have been just as much, if not more, work than just using vectors.

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