Sino Alice Art Gets Covered Up Because Of Cleavage

The art for Sino Alice has been changed on both the Google Play Store and the App Store in Japan. The original key art, which can still be seen on Square Enix's website, featured low cut outfits. The new art, however, does not.

[Images: Square Enix]

Sino Alice was created by Yoko Taro of Nier fame and developer Pocket Laboratory.

While the in-game art does not appear to be effected, you can see in the top image how it was changed for both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Below is a full comparison of the old key art and the new key art. As you can see, the change isn't only for one outfit, but multiple ones.

[Images: Square Enix]

This feels like those "spot the difference" puzzles.

Sino Alice is available now in Japan. No word yet on an international release.


    I wonder if it was an internal marketing adjustment or a flag from Apple/ Google.

    The in game art hadn't been touched but I'm sure there are some marketing material purists out there somewhere on the Internet.
    (I mean, there's drawings of dragons humping cars ffs)

    Looks like Sino Alice has also had a breast reduction.


      Best guess is that because the in-game art hasn't changed, it was due to listing difficulties on the app stores. Cover up the cleavage or no listing allowed.

    Happens all the time for both ingame and art for Japanese games... its a mix of ESRB and differences in what east/west find acceptable that hasnt changed or updated since the 80s. Its like nearly every RPG ever.

    Youtube channel Censored Gaming covers this on major titles and tries to get reasons or feedback from studios and devs.

    From the home of tentacle land I find this, odd.
    I mean, I'd expect the alterations in reverse to be honest ...

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