Skyrim Switch Lets You Dress Up As Link

The Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim will come with some special goodies and JoyCon-specific control schemes, as we can see in this new footage released by Bethesda tonight.

Granted, PC players have been able to dress up as Link for ages, but hey! For the rest of us, this is pretty cool.


    Damn. Was hoping it would look better than that.

    Erggg that geometry and textures combo. Not flattering at all.

    just use mods on pc lmfao what a joke

    It is a shame that the weapon will break after killing a Skeever.

    wasn't sure I'd get this before the Switch released, but really looking forward to portable skyrim now

    I like how they chuck amiibo support and waggle controls in a 5-year old game, then charge full price for it. Yes, I know it's the ultimate edition with DLC etc, but the PS4 version came out almost a year ago, including all the DLC, and that is being sold by EB Games (EB GAMES!) for under $40.

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