Some Gameplay From That Cute Dungeon Crawler, Swords Of Ditto

Image: Kotaku

E3 wasn't particularly heavy on the cute and cuddly games this year, but one game stood out: The Swords of Ditto, a co-operative top-down RPG with elements of permadeath. We didn't get to see any gameplay when it was first released, but the developers have since uploaded a chunk of footage.

There's a lot of what you would expect: dungeons with traps and puzzles that players work through, searching for keys, treasure, a very cute boss fight, and an octopus that's hanging out doing God knows what.

Still described as a "compact action RPG", which looks a bit RPG-lite given the gameplay, Swords of Ditto will be out early next year for PS4 and PC. There's more details on the Steam page, which notes the game will have local co-op - but not online co-op.


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